[telerik] Q3’12 release is here! All you need for Win 8, VS2012 and more! (영문)
2012/10/19 (09:07)
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October 2012
Chris Sells

Editor's Note

This month is a big one for Microsoft developers. Windows 8 will be generally available in stores on a variety of form factors starting on 10/26, with the BUILD conference following closely in the last week of October. This on top of the Visual Studio 2012 RTM earlier this summer and a Windows Phone 8 release coming soon, there's a lot going on if you're a Windows developer.

If you've read my previous editor's notes this year, you already know that Telerik takes Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 very seriously. As of 10/17, we've officially released our set of XAML and HTML controls for building Windows Store apps on Windows 8, including data visualization controls like charts, gauges and bullet graphs. These controls aren't just ports from old platforms, but controls that have been re-imagined for the touch-centric mobile devices that Windows 8 will be shipping on. In addition, we've updated JustCode to support Windows Store project types, JustDecompile to decompile Windows Store and C# 5.0 apps and our JustTrace profiler to target Windows Store apps. If you'd like to see what our amazing customers have already done with all of this great Windows Store support, check out our Showcase Gallery.

Further, as the modern UI style becomes more popular, we’re continuing to push touch and metro UI themes into almost all of our suites, including ASP.NET AJAX, WPF and Silverlight. Also, these platforms including WinForms get a huge new control this Q: the PivotGrid, providing you with cutting edge data visualization for your custom apps.

In this Q, we've focused on Windows Store apps, Visual Studio 2012 and data visualization for desktop, web and mobile app development across the board, but that's not all! We've added Coded UI support to WinForms and WPF controls, full SharePoint compliance to our ASP.NET AJAX controls and complete storage of all of your Visual Studio settings in the cloud to JustCode! Check out our webinars the week of 10/22 so you can see just exactly what's new in your favorite Telerik products.

Chris Sells
VP, Developer Tools

P.S. And while the Developer Tools division has been hard at work, so has the rest of Telerik. For example, we've recently welcomed Eric Lawrence into our family with his excellent Fiddler tool, and the folks in our agile project management division TeamPulse have introduced Kanban boards and integration with TFS 2012 in their latest version.


In this issue


» See What's New in Q3 2012

» Enjoy the Ride with Auto Mocking

» Your Telerik Bundle Just Got Bigger

» Take Control with Timeline UI

» An Offer You Can't Refuse

» Data Entry in Your App? Easy.

» The Next Level for DataViz Apps

» What are your HTML5/JS Plans?

» Enterprise-Ready Data Visualization

» Which .NET Platform to Pick?

» Blazing-fast Pivot Grids. Rich Charts.

» Test Automation on Windows 8 and IE10

» A Report Designer with Super Powers

» TeamPulse Supports Kanban & TFS 2012

» Set Your Sight on Web Services

» Sitefinity 5.2, Now with Personalization

» Your VS Settings Synced Everywhere



News & Updates

What's new in Q3

See What's New in Q3 2012

Telerik's new release is available for download from your account. Eager to see what's new? Sign up for the Q3'12 Webinar Week (Oct. 22-26) to witness the new features in the release (including the new Windows 8 suite), and get a chance to win a Telerik DevCraft license!

View schedule and register »

Windows 8 UI Controls

Your Telerik Bundle Just Got Bigger

Today is your lucky day if you have an active subscription for any of the DevCraft editions: the new Telerik Windows 8 UI controls have been added to your account with our Q3 release! Explore the first and best tool set for building native Windows 8 apps, and spread the word.

Download Windows 8 tools »

Windows 8 UI Controls

An Offer You Can't Refuse

The official Telerik RadControls for Windows 8 have arrived with a special introductory price of $99! As the suite grows richer in the next 10 months, so will its price. Get the two libraries - HTML and XAML now and save $900 off the final price! Active DevCraft subscribers, you get it free.

Lock in the $99 promo price »

PivotGrid and
Gauge controls

The Next Level for DataViz Apps

With this release you can power up your line-of-business applications with the new ASP.NET AJAX PivotGrid Beta and Gauge controls, as well as a new HTMLChart type. You'll also enjoy multiple mobile enhancements, OData integration for many controls, and full support for Visual Studio 2012 and IE10.

Read more »

WPF controls

Enterprise-Ready Data Visualization

Q3 2012 is finally here with RadPivotGrid Beta and the official version of RadGanttView. New to RadControls for WPF is Coded UI support. And new across both the WPF and Silverlight suites are the new Windows8Touch theme, Visual Studio 2012 compatibility, and many other improvements.

Read the 'What's New' post »

Winforms controls

Blazing-fast Pivot Grids. Rich Charts.

Check out the new PivotGrid control packed in the latest version of Telerik's WinForms. This data management tool enables you to easily deliver business insights to your end users. The latest release also allows you to recharge any stock-trading solution with the many new financial charts shipped with RadChartView.

Check what's new »

Report Designer

A Report Designer with Super Powers

Now, you can create reports outside of Visual Studio! Download Telerik Reporting Q3'12 today to experience the new features: reusable report templates, importing reports created in VS to the Report Designer, using an object data source/custom DAL, and working with expressions and user functions.

Download Q3'12 »

OpenAccess ORM

Set Your Sight on Web Services

OpenAccess ORM Q3'12 hits its stride! It simplifies access to a wide range of web services by adding ASP.NET Web API support. It is easier than ever for your database apps to reach new clients and scale with the cloud. With the new database functions support, you can flawlessly execute even Table-Valued functions.

Explore all-new features »


Your VS Settings Synced Everywhere

With the Q3 Release, JustCode introduces a cool new feature that lets you save your Visual Studio settings in the cloud. Your VS settings are now conveniently accessible between multiple companies, PCs and Visual Studio installations. Download a free 30-day trial of JustCode and see for yourself!

Learn more about JustCode »


Enjoy the Ride with Auto Mocking

Eliminate the boredom and tedium of managing mock dependencies. JustMock's new Auto Mocking feature knits together mock dependencies at runtime. Voila - now you don't need to pass dependencies to mock anymore. Just sit back and enjoy the ride with Auto Mocking!

Download a free 30-day trial »


Take Control with Timeline UI

Rich information, more context, and full control for your snapshots! With the new JustTrace timeline UI control, your snapshots are organized, searchable and more actionable. One more way JustTrace makes it easy to locate memory leaks and help disable performance issues fast.

Discover the new features »

Windows Phone controls

Data Entry in Your App? Easy.

Brand new DataForm control is added to the suite, simplifying data entry in your app. The FilmStripMode is another exciting functionality. Check out the other four new controls, over 50 Design Templates and Picture Gallery app with source code available to see them in action.

Download a free 30-day trial »

Kendo UI

What are your HTML5/JS Plans?

Include Kendo UI in them. Kendo UI is everything professional developers need to build HTML5 sites and mobile apps. Right out of the box you get 40+ UI Widgets for Web and Mobile + ASP.NET MVC Server Wrappers, all backed by Telerik's industry-leading support. And this month we are celebrating one year!

Join us »

Platform guide

Which .NET Platform to Pick?

The abundance of .NET platforms might be overwhelming. So here is clear, direct guidance for picking a .NET platform for specific types of projects, based on the platform's ability to provide the most benefit for specific application scenarios relative to other .NET options. Now with a section for tablet apps.

Find a platform »


Test Automation on Windows 8 and IE10

We've shipped Test Studio R2 2012! This time we focused on nifty functional testing enhancements like browser configuration helper, visual data-binding of find expressions, as well as goal-setting and results overview dashboard for load tests. We added support for Windows 8, VS 2012, and IE10 too.

Get the latest version »


TeamPulse Supports Kanban & TFS 2012

Telerik's agile project management tool TeamPulse just launched its Kanban boards, allowing teams to gain better control over their flow of work. So now you can do not only Scrum, but also Kanban, or Scrumban. In addition, those who track work in TFS 2012 will be happy to hear that the new TeamPulse introduces integration with TFS 2012 in addition to TFS 2010.

Explore the new TeamPulse »

Sitefinity 5.2

Sitefinity 5.2, Now with Personalization

Today is the official premier of Sitefinity 5.2 which introduces managing and sharing of content between multiple websites. Content can now be published from Sitefinity Lightning, a new desktop-publishing tool (CTP), and personalized for each individual visitor by defining target audience segments, transforming the content and testing the result.

Join the release webinar »





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Webinar Week

Tips and Tricks


Web Directions South 2012 is 10/18 in lovely Sydney. Visit the Kendo UI booth and enter to win an iPad.

Telerik is a proud sponsor of Oredev, 11/5-11/9, a premier developer's conference. Stop by our booth for some cool swag!

Hope to see you at Desert & Philly Code Camp (both 11/17!)

AWS reinvent, 11/27-11/29, is Amazon's first global customer and partner conference. Come by booth #619 to learn about ICENIUM and KendoUI.

Register by 11/1 for DevIntersection, Dec 9-12, a new developer event by .NET Rocks & Microsoft, & receive a next generation tablet.


Q3 Webinar Week

Join us for one of our Q3 webinars next week!

Learn what's new with:
- Telerik’s ASP.NET AJAX and MVC Controls
- RadControls for Silverlight & WPF
- RadControls for WinForms
- Report Designer
- Visual Studio Productivity Tools
- Sitefinity: Managing Multiple Websites and Personalization
- Test Studio: Taking Functional Tests to the Next Level
- TeamPulse: Kanban Boards & TFS 2012 Support

And announcing:
- Telerik UI Suite for Windows 8 is official in Q3 2012!


Tips and Tricks

Getting Started with the <canvas> Tag - Examples to Get You Closer to the HTML5 Bliss »

Migration to Telerik OpenAccess ORM is Now Easier than Ever »

Quick Tips for Browser Dev Tools - The Console »

How It's Made: The Stock History Demo for Kendo UI DataViz »



Telerik Product Divisions

 Developer Productivity Tools

The industry's leading UI components for .NET, essential tools for code analysis, decompiling, mocking, reporting and data access.

Learn more »

Team Productivity Tools

Project management and collaboration solution based on Agile best practices.

Learn more »

 Automated Testing Tools

One easy solution for all your software testing needs: Functional, Performance, Load and Mobile testing.

Learn more »

Web Content Management

Sitefinity is an online business platform that bends to any business requirements and works equally well for marketers, developers and IT managers.

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