UEStudio v12.20 released, UltraCompare v8.40 now available! (영문)
2012/10/10 (11:12)
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UEStudio v12.20

Work is easy when it's being done for you!



Screenshot of UEStudio v12.20




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What's new in UEStudio v12.00?




Smart Template improvements


Project-based templates


Insert templates by name in macros/scripts


Drag-and-drop text to create new template


Add descriptions for templates


Line Change Indicator improvements


Jump to next/previous change in active file


Configure LCI width


Other improvements


Delete unencrypted backup file(s)


Better macro playback performance


And more...



Get it now! Go to Help -> Check for Updates.



 UltraEdit Users: Upgrade to UE 18.20


UltraEdit box


...and renew your free upgrades for a year!


If you haven't upgrade to the v18.x series, now is the time. Your paid upgrade also includes a FREE upgrade to v19.00 early next year!

only $29.95

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 UltraEdit Users: Upgrade to UES 12.20


UEStudio box


...and get a $30 credit on your new UEStudio 12 license!


UEStudio provides a framework of integrated development functionality that complements a very powerful editing platform.

Retail: $79.95
Now: $49.95

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Our upgrade policy: Since 1994, we've believed in over-delivering on the value of paid registration. As always, your paid registration includes free upgrades for one year following your purchase date.


  UltraCompare v8.40 now available




UltraCompare v8.40

Now Available: UltraCompare v8.40

UltraCompare for Windows v8.40 is here! This release is primarily driven out of maintenance, with significant performance improvements for extremely large file comparison. Other areas improved are FTP, output results, synchronize, and ignore options in session properties.

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  UltraFinder update






Learn more about UltraFinder

UF icon

UltraFinder beta update
The Ultimate File and Content Finder


What people are saying about UltraFinder:

"In a directory that has over 700 files that are at minimum 8GB in size, it searched the entire listing of files and completed total search in 772.30 seconds! I am very impressed. I definitely want this product!"



UltraFinder is a powerful find engine that has the advanced find capabilities of UltraEdit for your PC, network, and remote servers. You can find files based on strings within the content, partial matches on file names, by file extension, date, size, and more... in an instant! Double click the result to load in UltraEdit or associated program - or check duplicates in UltraCompare for a closer look and resolution.

UltraFinder completes IDM's vision of a total file management solution! Sign up for beta and see how easy it is to search vast directory structures and quickly locate your files and data.


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  UltraSentry '13 update






Learn more about UltraSentry '13


UltraSentry '13 beta update
Protect yourself and your data.


Secure document management is part of any computing solution. Maximize your digital safety and mitigate your risks with the new UltraSentry '13.


Provides secure document, data, and file storage in its password-protected Digital Locker


Enables you to encrypt files with unique passwords to securely send to others


Securely deletes outdated or unwanted data so that it is physically and forensically unrecoverable


What's being said about the all-new UltraSentry:

"WOW! You should have called this SUPER UltraSentry! Incredible features. Excellent layout and appearance!"

Ideal for personal use, essential for businesses, UltraSentry '13 is a re-imagined security application designed to provide a complete solution for data security and document management. UltraSentry '13 extends the power of its existing secure delete engine, while adding new features and functionality to form a complete document management solution. The all-new Drop Center makes security a snap!


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