Visual Studio 2012 Launch Preparedness (영문)
2012/09/14 (14:16)
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It’s here. Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 is available and Infragistics has the toolsets to help you take advantage of the latest release.

Visual Studio 2012 can help turn your ideas into software for desktops, tablets, or mobile phones, now better than ever. As a Microsoft sim-ship partner, we are pleased to announce Visual Studio 2012 compatibility across all product lines.

Visual Studio is the future of development, but you can get started today. Design incredible user experiences with amazing data visualizations for virtually any business scenario. Products like NetAdvantage Ultimate can help you get started, with cutting edge controls including:

  • Touch functionality,
  • Mobile BI – with more charting options than any other toolset,
  • Sleek new Windows UI theming, and
  • The magic of HTML5

Start using our free trial version with full tech support to get a jump-start on VS 2012.

For additional insight, perspective, and community interaction on Infragistics solutions and compatibility with Microsoft products, visit Infragistics Blogs, Forums, and Community. Happy Launch Day!


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