Aspose Newsletter September 2012 (영문)
2012/09/07 (11:35)
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Meet Our Ventures
Danny Cooper

Aspose has developed a number of different tools that help us work and communicate more effectively within the company. We have decided to share some of these tools. Our new ventures, Saaspose, GroupDocs, Codeporting and Banckle, give developers and individuals access to the products that we use the most. Visitors to are probably already familiar with Banckle, the venture that provides the website's Live Chat feature, as well as other collaborative tools. Developers working in the cloud benefit from Saaspose, cloud-based file management APIs based on Aspose's most popular products. Codeporting is also aimed at developers and helps port .NET code to Java. GroupDocs is a suite of online document management tools and APIs aimed at professionals who need to sign, convert, assemble and collaborate on documents.

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Product Spotlight – Aspose.Cells

Download iconAspose.Cells for .NET and Aspose.Cells for Java gives you control of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets so that you can work with them easily in your applications. Open, read, save and create spreadsheets, add or remove data, control formatting, work with charts and drawings, control formulas, add pivot tables and much more. The easy-to-use APIs saves time and effort by giving you access to our file format expertise. We also have Aspose.Cells available for SharePoint, SQL Server Reporting Services and JasperReports so that you can output files to native Microsoft Excel formats.

Technical Article – Recognize Barcodes in PDFs with Aspose.Pdf and Aspose.BarCode

Technical article iconAspose.Pdf for .NET works with our other .NET components to provide powerful document management features. Several of our customers embed barcodes into PDF files and then need to be able to read those barcodes. We have a technical article that explains how to use Aspose.Pdf with Aspose.BarCode to perform this task. Read the article.

Tutorial Video – How to Create a Mail Merge Template for use in Aspose.Words for .NET

Tutorial video iconAspose.Words for .NET helps developers automate a lot of document activities, for example mail merges. Before performing a mail merge, you need to add fields to a template which is then populated from a data source. The mail merge process helps you create large runs of letters, contracts, reports and so on. We have a tutorial video that shows you how to prepare a mail merge template. Watch the video.

Migration Tip – Adding Tasks to Projects with Aspose.Tasks for .NET vs VSTO

Migration tip iconAspose.Tasks for .NET lets developers work with Microsoft Project files directly, independently of Microsoft Office Automation. Aspose.Tasks gives you the power to create, open and manipulate project files. A crucial activity when working with projects is adding tasks. Aspose.Tasks and VSTO both lets you do this and we have an article that shows how the two approaches differ. Read the migration tip.

New Releases and Updates
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