WebUI Studio 2012 SP1 is here: Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8 ready (영문)
2012/09/06 (17:33)
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WebUI Studio 2012 SP1 is here: Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8 Ready
Martin Lie, Customer Relation Executive

In the recent release, we added dozens of new enhancements and exciting features such as full HTML5 and CSS3 support in our flagship ASP.NET controls. Today, we're excited to announce the service pack release which features full Visual Studio 2012 support, as well as Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10. You can read the full story in this blog post.

In this SP1 release, we made many significant improvements to all ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF controls, including new control features and improved designer features for Visual Studio 2012. In particular, the ASP.NET suite has been optimized to support Internet Explorer 10 for both Metro and desktop mode. Dozens of enhancements are added in ClientUI, including all project templates to support Visual Studio 2012, as well as new WPF Ribbon project template.

The installer has been fully revamped with new custom action support for Windows 8. New toolbox icons with metro style are included as well as the enhanced toolbox utility to support Visual Studio 2012.

Last but not least, enjoy the new Metro-style Component Designer for Visual Studio 2012. It's rebuilt entirely from the scratch to resemble the Visual Studio 2012 interface. The all-new designer is now built on the WPF 4 platform and leveraging our own ClientUI for WPF controls. Check out the complete blog post in here.

As always, if you have any question or feedback, please feel free to email me at martin@intersoftpt.com.


Get WebUI Studio 2012 Service Pack 1 Today

The wait is over – the WebUI Studio 2012 Service Pack 1 is here. In this release, everything has been optimized for both ASP.NET and ClientUI to fully support Visual Studio 2012. For ASP.NET, all controls have been enhanced to support Internet Explorer 10 in both Metro and Desktop mode. The new Component Designer is now live with the brand-new look and feel which applies to all 40+ ASP.NET controls.

For ClientUI suite, enjoy the new WPF Ribbon project template added in this release, as well as new enhanced ClientUI templates that will fully support Visual Studio 2012. Major stability and performance improvements are also included in this release, for instances, improved memory usage when using UXRibbon's KeyTip, major performance improvements on all selection and multiple selection controls, and much more.

Three New Data Controls

Grab your free 30-days trial evaluation copy here and enjoy the ultimate set of Intersoft controls for rapid application development.


Introducing the New Component Designer for Visual Studio 2012

Two weeks ago, Microsoft has finally released its long awaited Visual Studio 2012 to the MSDN subscribers. Just in timely fashion, we've recently completed the development and testing milestones for our new component designer – rebuilt entirely from the scratch to provide the best support for Visual Studio 2012.

Since the invention of �Metro" design language, Microsoft has been redesigning all its software products toward the modern UI design, including the recently released Visual Studio 2012. As a result of the redesign, Microsoft has now introduced the so-called �Visual Studio 2012 UX Guidelines". To adhere to the UX guidelines, our designer team has redesigned nearly 200+ toolbox icons to the Metro style.

Experience the new Component Designer for Visual Studio 2012 today by downloading the latest release here. Be sure to check out Jimmy's blog post as he shares the remaking process of our component designer.


What's Next: Full HTML5 Support for 30+ UI Components

Nowadays, many developers are speeding up their web development to HTML5 technology. Looking into HTML5 capability and advantages, it's surely promising for future web development. This will be our next milestones for the upcoming version of our ASP.NET components, including 30+ WebDesktop UI components and WebEssentials suite.

Join Handy as he shares the HTML5 development story in this blog post.


Community Corner

Sort primary key that uses GUID

Member Armore is questioning on how to implement sorting on primary key that is used GUID. This thread completely describes the hint to use sorting for this scenario. Be sure to check the solution in this thread.

Show and hide columns via client-side

Community member Ahmed is asking on how to show and hide columns from client-side. Our support member has provided a snippet code that demonstrates the scenario. Read what Hans suggested in this thread.


Tips and Trick.

Add, Update and delete events operation in WebScheduler

Community member Su Su is wondering why can't add another event successfully when he had added an event before. The common mistakes for beginner user that uses WebScheduler is not handling insert identity. Insert identity is required to return the correct id for autoincrement id in application. Without this, some operations in database such as insert, update or delete might return failure/error. Check the complete conversation in here.


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