HttpWatch 8.5 Supports Firefox 15 and SPDY version 3 (영문)
2012/09/05 (15:26)
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Simtec Limited

September / 2012

HttpWatch Professional 8.5 includes significant new feaures and is available as an upgrade.


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HttpWatch 8.5 Screen Shot

Upgrading your License

The license key that you previously purchased for HttpWatch in order 60545 on 10 Aug 2007 can be upgraded to work with version 8.5 :.

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New Features

Supports Firefox 15

HttpWatch 8.5 now works with Firefox version 2.0 - 15.0

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Supports SPDY version 3 and has new SPDY Version Column

HttpWatch supports SPDY version 3 that can be manually enabled in Firefox 15 and there's also a new SPDY version column.

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Supports High DPI Displays

HttpWatch 8.5 now scales text and graphics to support High DPI monitor settings in Windows 7

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Video Mime Types Added to Filter Dialog

You can now setup a filter based on video content types.

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Improved Handling of Transparent Images

A checker board pattern is now displayed behind transparent images on the Content tab when the border option is selected. The Copy option also adds new graphic formats to the Clipboard that allow transparent images to be pasted into supporting applications such as Word and Powerpoint.

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