UltraEdit Update Notice: v18.10 Now Available (영문)
2012/06/08 (10:32)
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Improving software isn't always about new features...

UltraEdit v18.10: What's important now is polish!

UltraEdit v18.10
UltraEdit v18.10
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 As our loyal users have come to expect with UltraEdit point releases, the central focus is polish! With UltraEdit v18.10 we have taken the past few months to enhance performance and fine-tune existing functionality. The result is a substantial maintenance installment that delivers on your expectation of text editing perfection.

What's better in UltraEdit v18.10?
*Code folding based on indent level (automatic for Python; can be used for other languages as well)
*Selectable parameters for Smart Templates
*Show all language templates in Template List
*Better Smart Template management/usability
*Set Output Window font
*Improved function listing for C/C++
*Better FTP/SFTP support for VMS servers
*Improved memory handling for large file editing
*Many other maintenance fixes and improvements
*See more...
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