Announcing soapUI Pro 4.5 - The Big Ears Release (영문)
2012/04/09 (10:42)
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Announcing the release of soapUI Pro 4.5 and loadUI Pro 2.0


We’re just letting you know that soapUI 4.5 was just released. It’s modestly named “The Big Ears Release” because we listened to what features you, the soapUI community, wanted and then started coding.

The results are some really neat new features like:

  • Test Debugging - allowing you to follow your test flows step-by-step
  • Assertion TestSteps - where you can create validation for your entire TestCase in some simple and quick clicks of a button
  • Multi-Environment Support - now you can easily switch between running your tests in different environments - move from staging to production in seconds
  • TestOnDemand - use SmartBear’s cloud through AlertSite to run your tests from other locations around the world - for free

There’s a bunch more features added as well, and you can read about them on What’s New in 4.5.
If you’re running soapUI Open Source, go to SourceForge and download the latest version.

If you’re a Pro user, all updates to the software are included in the license. So head on over to the soapUI Pro Download Page and download it. 

loadUI 2.0 –The Pro Release

We’re also releasing the latest version of loadUI at the same time. loadUI 2.0 brings a brand new load testing tool to the playing field: loadUI Pro. With loadUI Pro you get the powerful Server Monitoring feature, allowing you to really tap into your server statistics and see how your tests are affecting them. So while loadUI is great at letting you know if there’s a problem or bottleneck with your service, loadUI Pro lets you identify what’s causing it.

Read more about What’s New in loadUI 2.0.

Best Wishes,
The SmartBear Team


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