Aspose Newsletter March 2012 (영문)
2012/03/13 (11:50)
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We're celebrating our 10th birthday!

Aspose has been in business for 10 years. Over the years the company has grown and gone from one small team in Australia to several teams all over the world. It has been a fun 10 years and we have learned a lot. We want to thank all of our customers, from the very first company that invested in us, to the most recent. We'll continue to listen to what you tell us you need in the years to come.

Our aim is constant: to provide products and services that save our customers time and money. We're developers who want to make the lives of other developers easier. We work to deliver products and services to developers who work with Office documents and file formats. Aspose's file format expertise is at your service.

From all of us at Aspose, thank you for you support!


A Look at Our Most Popular Products

Program with Excel spreadsheets

Aspose.Cells gives developers control over page layout, formatting, charts and formulas. Build dynamic Excel reports on the fly. Create dashboards with charts and pivot tables that give users immediate insight. Convert spreadsheets to images or other files for data exchange or sharing. Import and export data to Excel spreadsheets for report automation.
.NET Java SharePoint SSRS JasperReports

Work with Word documents

Aspose.Words gives developers control over page layout, formatting, images, mail merges and more. Automate mail merges to speed up mailings or generate reports, control formatting and layout for a consistent look, populate tables from databases, combine and split documents, insert watermarks, barcodes or images.
.NET Java SharePoint SSRS JasperReports

Work with PDF files

Aspose.Pdf lets developers create and modify PDF documents without Adobe Acrobat. Transform XML and XSL-FO into PDF, add or update text and images during PDF generation, control security, combine or split files, view, print or save pages and full PDFs as images for sharing with others or making thumbnails.
.NET Java SharePoint SSRS JasperReports

Program with barcodes

Aspose.BarCode allows developers to work with linear and 2D barcodes. Print barcode labels. Read and recognize barcodes from file or stream. Embed barcodes in documents for document management. Create QR codes to interact with your clients. Work with popular postal barcode symbologies.
.NET Java SSRS JasperReports


New Releases and Updates

Discontinued Products

In September we changed the name of Aspose.Network to Aspose.Email to better reflect what the product was used for. We also separated out network programming features from Aspose.Email for .NET and made them available as a free utility, Aspose.Network for .NET. This free utility will be discontinued from March 15th, 2012. Find out more.

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Too busy to evaluate?

If you are too busy to evaluate our products, take the shortcut of a good conversation with our sales team. They are here to answer your questions, no matter how detailed. Contact sales today.



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