Zend Framework 2 Beta 3 has arrived! (영문)
2012/03/13 (11:47)
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Zend Newsletter: March 2012
Zend Newsletter - March 2012
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Announcing Zend Framework 2 Beta3! tweet

The Zend Framework community has been hard at work preparing new functionality and refactoring old. Get a first peek at the new view layer, the refactored database abstraction layer, and more, and learn how you can start building your applications on ZF2 today!

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Zend Framework 2 Beta3
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Writing Testable Code tweet
March 15 – 8.30am PDT, 11.30am EDT, 3.30pm UTC, 4.30pm CET

The easier your PHP code is to test, the less time you'll have to spend dealing with problems down the road. Join Tobias Schlitt for his session on the secret of writing testable code and on how this relates essentially to good object orientation.

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Writing Testable Code
Learn Industry Tips & Tricks
Unit Testing Zend Framework Apps tweet
Make your Zend Framework projects higher quality! Watch this recorded webinar to learn strategies for testing services, work flows and performance.
What Problem does Dependency Injection Solve? tweet
A prominent feature of Zend Framework 2 as well as other frameworks, DI is an increasingly common concept. If you've wondered what its purpose is, read this blog post to get clued in.
Dev & Prod - PHP Applications in the Cloud tweet
You're considering using the cloud for your PHP apps, but want to know how to get started? Watch this recorded webinar for an introduction to using phpcloud.com with a Zend Framework app.
How to Deploy Your First App to PHP Cloud tweet
Read this blog post if you're a CakePHP fan: see how easy it is to use in phpcloud.com!
Git for Subversion Users tweet
Aware of Git but want to know how it compares to Subversion? This recorded webinar explains the concepts and benefits of Git, as well as how to use it successfully.
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MediaSpike - a PHP in the Cloud Case Study tweet
Join RightScale and Zend to learn about lead generation company MediaSpike's experience. MediaSpike took advantage of the RightScale Zend HA Solution Pack to implement a best practices path to PHP in the cloud. Hear them discuss how pre-configured autoscaling and high availability features made their cloud initiative a success.
March 07 - 11am PST, 2pm EST, 7pm UTC, 8pm CET
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Writing Re-usable ZF2 Modules tweet
Zend Framework 2.0 introduces a new modular system, designed to make re-use trivial. In this webinar, learn how and when to write modules, and techniques and strategies for making them re-usable between applications.
March 14 - 9am PDT, 12pm EDT, 4pm UTC, 5pm CET
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Standard CMS on Standard PHP Stack - Drupal and Zend Server tweet
In this session Jan Burkl will demonstrate the software lifecycle of Drupal and Zend Server from development to production. See how Drupal can be deployed, bugs can be fixed and performance bottlenecks can be found and eliminated.
March 21 - 8.30am PDT, 11.30am EDT, 3.30pm UTC, 4.30pm CET
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Studio's Eleven - Hidden Features in Zend's IDE tweet
In this session, Jan Burkl will discuss 11 little-known features of Zend Studio. If you're interested in becoming a Zend Studio power user, don't miss this webinar!
March 28 – 7.30am PDT, 10.30am EDT, 2.30pm UTC, 4.30pm CEDT
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The Truth About Lambdas and Closures in PHP tweet
Join Sharon Lee Levy for her presentation on what exactly lambdas are as well as the difference between a lambda and a closure, or whether there is any given their implementation in PHP. In addition, we'll have a look at improvements pertaining to closures in PHP 5.4.
March 29 - 9am PDT, 12pm EDT, 4pm UTC, 6pm CEDT
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Project Development in the Cloud - Do We Still Need Internal Servers? tweet
The data center started to change with virtualization, and now cloud computing is the center of attention. It seems like the need for "real" servers is decreasing more and more – but is the cloud able to provide everything a developer needs?
April 04 – 7.30am PDT, 10.30am EDT, 2.30pm UTC, 4.30pm CEDT
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Zend Online Training Orientation tweet
See this presentation of the Zend Virtual Classroom environment to get the most out of your Zend online training class.
April 05 – 11am PDT, 2pm EDT, 6pm UTC, 8pm CEDT
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Standard Shop on Standard PHP Stack - Magento and Zend Server tweet
In this session Jan Burkl will demonstrate the software lifecycle of Magento and Zend Server from Development to production. See how Magento can be deployed, bugs can be fixed and performance bottlenecks can be found and eliminated.
April 19 - 7.30am PDT, 10.30am EDT, 2.30pm UTC, 4.30pm CEDT
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Speaking the Language of the App Economy
Zend CEO Andi Gutmans writes in VentureBeat about today's IT landscape.

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PHP 5.4 is released!
Read about how Zend can help you get started using it immediately.

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