UltraEdit v18.00 Released - Text Editing, Re-imagined! (영문)
2012/03/07 (19:25)
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Text editing, re-imagined...

UltraEdit v18.00 – It's what's next in text editing!

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UltraEdit software box UltraEdit v18.00 delivers one of the most powerful and exciting pieces of functionality available in the world of text editing today, period... Smart Templates! Smart templates provide a seamless blend of code completion, auto-expanding text, and context sensitive auto-complete... all while still supporting your existing templates, of course!

5 reasons you're going to love Smart Templates...

1. Save time - lots of time - and code faster
Never again type out an "if" statement by hand... Set up your frequently-used pieces of code as a new template (or use one of the hundreds of pre-defined defaults), then type your keyword... After a brief pause, UltraEdit will automatically suggest the appropriate template for the source language you're in!
2. Eliminate mistakes, typos, and syntactical errors
Who wants to spend time chasing down a missing semicolon or mistyped keyword? You can preformat your templates with the correct syntax, indentation, etc, then specify user-defined variables for only those portions of your template which you may want to modify upon insertion.
3. Focus on what's important
Have you ever found yourself writing code in an unfamiliar or less frequently used programming language? Don't worry about re-learning its syntax - let Smart Templates provide it for you! Focus on your objectives as a programmer instead of how to properly structure and format the code.
4. Insert your templates more easily
Need to insert a template, but can't remember its exact name? No problem! Simply type part of a template name (even the first letter), press Ctrl + Spacebar to open the auto-complete insert a template from all possible matches. Or drag-and-drop the template you need into the active file directly from the template list!
5. Set up your templates in a snap... your way
Template setup is a breeze - anyone can do it! Just type or paste your text directly into the template editor, give it a name, and you're up and running! Furthermore, when templates are inserted, they'll respect your indent level, spaces/tabs setting, and line terminators. Your templates, your way.
UltraEdit v18.00
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What else is new in v18?
* Smart templates
* Auto-completion of closing HTML and XML tags
* Dockable "Lines containing find string" window
* Full support for proportional fonts
* Installation of both 32 and 64 bit shell extension DLLs on x64 systems
* Up to 32 entries on "Recent Files" list
* See more...
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