Gnostice PDFOne (for Java) Version 5.0 Released (영문)
2012/02/16 (13:43)
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PDFOne (for Java) Version 5 Release

Greetings from Gnostice.

PDFOne (for Java) Version 5 Released

We are very happy to announce the release of PDFOne Version 5.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Native Java font engine
  • Digital signing

In this release, we have replaced the non-Java FreeType library with our own 100% Java font engine XtremeFontEngine (for Java). As a result, PDFOne can render PDF text faster than it did earlier.

This change also makes PDFOne a 100% pure Java component suite. You can now use PDFOne components in all Java environments without all the hassle caused by non-Java dependencies.

What's New In Version 5

  • Introduced
    • General
      • Pure Java font engine - XtremeFontEngine replaces FreeType
    • PDF Processing
      • Support for digital signatures - add visible/hidden digital signatures, adding blank signature form fields, filling blank signature form fields, removing all existing signatures
      • Method PdfDocument.deleteAnnotations() in PdfDocument and PdfPage classes to delete existing annotations
      • New overloaded PdfDocument.addAction() methods with parameters for go-to PDF actions and for scaling of a destination location
      • New overloaded PdfDocument.saveAsText() methods with option to ignore extra blank lines
      • New overloaded PdfDocument.redactText() methods with option to toggle the filling and stroking of redacted regions
  • Fixed
    • PDF Processing
      • BadPaddingException thrown when loading encrypted documents whose metadata stream was not encrypted
      • Wrong number of pages is read from a document with XRefStm
      • Some lines of text were incorrectly split into multiples lines by PdfDocument.saveAsText()
      • Unable to search contents of Form XObjects
      • PdfDocument.redactText() method removes some extra characters
      • method fails to find some text in some documents
      • PdfDocument.saveAsImage() method ignores page crop box dimensions (and instead considers media box dimensions) in some documents
    • PDF Viewing and Printing
      • Exception thrown when rendering some PDF documents with CID fonts
      • Indexed DeviceRGB 8 bpc images are not rendered properly as colorspace stream did not get decompressed
      • Text using Type3 fonts are not rendered correctly in some documents
      • When a path with dash pattern is encountered, all subsequent paths are rendered with the same dash pattern even if they do not have one
      • EmptyStackException thrown if some documents contained octal numbers in the content stream

Gnostice @ CeBIT 2012, Hannover, Germany

Gnostice is exhibiting at CeBIT 2012 in Hannover from 6 March to 10 March. We will be showcasing XtremeDocumentStudio, XtremeFontEngine .NET, XtremeFontEngine (for Java), eDocEngine VCL, PDFtoolkit VCL, PDFOne .NET, and PDFOne (for Java).

We are happy to invite you to our stand E18 in Hall 6. You can check out our new products, meet the team and exchange ideas. For a free CeBIT pass, please mail

The CeBIT pass also provides free access to the Hannover public transport system for the whole day.


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