Intersoft Solutions Newsletter - January 2012 (영문)
2012/01/30 (10:27)
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WebUI Studio 2011 R2 SP1 is here.

Native Silverlight 5 Support, Dozens of New Year's Goodies
Jimmy Petrus, CEO

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful new year. To start off the New Year, we would like to thank all our partners and associates, and definitely our loyal customers who motivate us every day! Last year, we shipped nearly 120 new advanced controls across all platforms. We couldn't have done it without your support and constructive feedback. A million thanks to all of you!

As a way to express our gratitude, we're pleased to announce that the first service pack of our flagship WebUI Studio suite is available today. Download it free of charge today.

The service pack features native Silverlight 5 support, which many of you have waited for. It also ships Silverlight 5 compiled assemblies for the best compatibility support, and leverages Silverlight 5 features such as vector printing in document viewer controls. Read the complete rundown below.

If there is one thing that remains unchanged in the New Year, it would be our unceasing commitment to deliver the world's best quality products at the most economical price. While many challenges lie ahead, we believe that Intersoft will thrive in the New Year, as we continue to create innovative tools that let you build the next-generation business applications – faster and easier.

Furthermore, we aim to complete our line-of-business toolset this year by adding more comprehensive data visualization and business intelligence tools, while at the same time expanding our products portfolio to support emerging platforms – more details on the product roadmap soon.

Again, thank you for your business in 2011. We look forward to serving you even better in 2012!


Get WebUI Studio 2011 R2 Service Pack 1.

We're proud to announce the immediate availability of WebUI Studio 2011 R2 service pack 1, which includes full support for Silverlight 5, improved project templates, and over 100 new features and enhancements. Get the latest service pack today, and find out more about the latest service pack release in Jimmy's recent blog post.

The latest release also includes a multitude of enhancements in several data-aware controls such as SQL Report Viewer for Silverlight/WPF. The report viewer now supports advanced deployment scenarios, such as overriding the default service authentication and deploying the report server separately from the web server. Join Glenn in his blog post as he discusses the new ImageAbsolutePath feature, and explains how to work with report parameter.

Huge Enhancement in 2011 R2 SP1


Build Stunning Office 2010-style Applications with Intersoft Ribbon UI.

Did you know that the Ribbon interface can help improve your application's overall user experience? Nielsen Norman Group, a leader in usability, reported that using the Ribbon interface not only beautifies your apps – it dramatically improves user's productivity by merging hundreds of commands into a single, fluidly resizable tool bar. It's not so surprising to find out that more and more enterprise applications are now adopting the Ribbon interface, including Microsoft's own Office SharePoint, Dynamics ERP, and the upcoming Windows 8 Explorer.

The latest WebUI Studio release ships with gorgeous Ribbon components on all platforms, including ASP.NET, Silverlight, and WPF, to enable you to create stunning Office 2010-style ribbon applications. The new Ribbon controls in WebUI Studio set new standards in performance and usability, thanks to the strict compliance with Office 2010 Ribbon specifications.

Amazing Ribbon Control

Learn more about Ribbon for Silverlight/WPF or ASP.NET.


Product Updates.

The January Hotfix includes updates that range across several of our top controls. These include: WebGrid Enterprise, WebDesktop, and WebScheduler for ASP.NET, as well as UXGridView and many other controls in the Silverlight and WPF lineup. Several bug fixes and speed bumps have been resolved as well. Details are on the Intersoft support page, or view the complete Hotfix application guide.


Community corner.

Community member Patricia G. asks if it's possible to create a WebTab without an active tab page. Normally, WebTab should have one minimum active page in the control. However, some situations may call for skipping that active tab page at the first load. View the thread for a neat workaround.

Normally, WebGrid provides an AcceptAllChanges button for batch updates. However, Soniya K. would like to hide this button, as this feature may be handled with custom code on occasion. Unfortunately, there is no property to hide this button. But a small workaround takes care of it.


Tips and Trick.

Is it possible to implement drag and drop between two tree view controls under Silverlight? Jonathan T. would like to know. Typically, a user needs to handle this manually by trapping the mouse event during a drag and drop. However, some ClientUI controls already have their own drag and drop feature.

For example, to use DragDrop in UXTreeView, a user only needs to switch on some properties such as AllowDropItem, AllowMoveItem, AllowRemoveItem, AllowReorderItem. View the thread for the complete conversation.


Be sure to download a working free trial of WebUI Studio for 30 days if you aren't already using our award-winning software.

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