MathType 6.7: enable handwritten math in over 500 applications & websites (영문)
2012/01/19 (13:02)
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Handwrite math in over 500 applications & websites

MathType 6.7 takes full advantage of Windows 7's new Math Input Panel, which provides support for handwritten math recognition. With MathType and the Math Input Panel you can easily write out your equations and insert them into over 500 applications and websites.

Mouse, tablet, or pen
Although you can handwrite equations using only a mouse, for best results we recommend using a tablet or a pen device.

Opens within Microsoft Word
MathType 6.7 adds a button to Microsoft Word's ribbon, and a menu command to MathType. Each brings up the Math Input Panel ready for handwriting equations.

Build large equations from small handwritten expressions
While entering math by hand using the Math Input Panel is easy for simple expressions, MathType's editing comes in handy for combining simple expressions to make larger ones. Math Input Panel together with MathType gives you the best of both worlds.

We're listening
You can download a 30-day full version of MathType 6.7 and try MathType's handwritten math and the other new features for free. When you do, we would love to hear what you think. Send us an email or talk with us on
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