New Release: ABCpdf 8.1 (영문)
2011/11/23 (09:14)
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ABCpdf 8.1 Released

ABCpdf version 8.1 offers greater stability and performance gains, especially in demanding environments. It's simpler to deploy, works for a wider range of scenarios, and with a number of refinements, now is a great time to take advantage of these improvements. Visit our download page...

Your existing ABCpdf version 8 license is valid for version 8.1. If you have an older license you are entitled to reduced price upgrade licenses - see our purchase page for details.

So what's changed?

Rendering HTML

ABCpdf is now much more tolerant of restricted permission environments which greatly increases ease of deployment under ASP.​NET. It has also been extensively tested and bullet proofed for high stress, multi-threaded environments.

A few breaking changes were introduced with the release of Internet Explorer 9. So we've been working hard to take off any rough edges, enhancing compatibility, performance and output quality under IE9. So if there's a document you have that doesn't look quite right using your current release, you should be looking at the upgrade.

In order to simplify installation, we've made the Gecko engine XCOPY deployable. Gone is the requirement for a locally installed printer. Alternative font names, such as 'oblique' and 'light' are handled better, and Type 1 fonts in web pages are now supported.

ABCpdf uses a modified version of the Gecko engine, which enables us to provide built-in support for CSS 2.1 'page-break-inside: avoid', and other new features. This is available in both .NET and ASP Classic.

We have been working extensively to make sure that dynamic graphics such as Google Charts and Highcharts are converted as well as possible. As part of this we have extensively updated support for SVG and AJAX and we've added new JavaScript callbacks to precisely control when a page is rendered.

Office Import

Again we have put significant effort into ensuring that Office conversions are much more tolerant of restricted permission environments.

Office automation under ASP.​NET and ease of installation has been greatly simplified, with minimal configuration required.

You can now import numbered pages from a spreadsheet, convert form fields and Word bookmarks to their PDF equivalents, and table border handling has been improved.

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