UE 17.30, UES 11.20, and UE Mac 2.3 released
2011/11/04 (13:47)
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In this issue: UE v17.30 | UES v11.20 | UE Mac v2.3 | UE Linux v2.3 coming soon | News & More
The fourth major release of UltraEdit this year...

Announcing UltraEdit v17.30: Text editing perfection!

Screenshot of UltraEdit v17.20
Existing users: get it now via Help -> Check for Updates.
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We are pleased to announce the fourth major release of UltraEdit this year - UltraEdit v17.30! Take a look below at some of the latest changes and improvements... guaranteed to boost your productivity!

What's better in v17.30?
* New scripting/macro functionality for UTF-8 to ASCII conversion (and vice versa)
* Find/Replace improvements
Better Perl regexp handling
Better highlighting of find string in FiF output
* Syntax highlighting improvements
Improved nested block comments
Better highlighting with word wrap
More flexible Comment Add/Remove
* Maintenance in:
Large file handling
Unicode file paths
Explorer window
* And a lot more...
UEStudio 11.20 now available

When an editor becomes more than an editor...

UEStudio v11.20: Perfection plus sophistication!

Screenshot of UEStudio v11.20
Existing users: get it now via Help -> Check for Updates.
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If you haven't looked at UEStudio, now is the time!

UltraEdit represents pure text editing perfection. UEStudio has all the features of UltraEdit plus many sophisticated features like the ClassViewer, Intellitips, PHP debugging, integrated compiler support, SVN/CVS, and much more.

What's better in v11.20?
* Find in Files enhancements
Show created / modified date in results
Open all files matched
Scripting & macro additions for FiF
* New scripting and macro functionality
Cancel / clear selection
Go to end of previous / next word
Select to end of previous / next word
* Active column highlighting
* Number of selected lines shown in status bar
* Improved file status icons in file tabs
* New Python wordfile
* Improved auto-completion
* Plus a whole lot more...
Add UltraCompare to your UltraEdit/UEStudio upgrade and get the best fully integrated editing/compare duo on the planet!
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UltraEdit for Mac v2.3 now available
UE Mac v2.3 screenshot Now Available: UltraEdit Mac v2.3

We are proud to announce UltraEdit Mac edition v2.3 - the fourth major release this year! V2.3 delivers the most powerful and feature-packed update for UltraEdit Mac edition to date featuring a leap in functionality, performance, and quality.

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Version 2.3 is a free update for all registered UE Mac users!
What's new in v2.3?
Astyle code reformatter XML lint New function list New status bar
See what else is new here...
UltraEdit/UltraCompare Linux editions update
UltraEdit/UltraCompare Linux Editions: Updates coming soon
UE/UC Linux
We are very excited about our upcoming releases of UE and UC (versions 2.3) on Linux, both of which are expected later in November. UE Linux v2.3 includes all of the new functionality available in UE Mac v2.3 plus UltraCompare Lite! UC Linux v2.3 includes all the latest improvements of UC Windows v8.2 and will be a free update for all registered users.
UltraCompare Mac edition nears beta
UltraCompare Mac edition nears beta

Thanks to the thousands of beta testers that contributed to the production of UEx and its continued success.

Now the time has come for UltraCompare to make its transition to Mac as well. The port to Mac is beta-ready! UC Mac has all the features and functionality of its Windows counterpart... and more. Mac users can enjoy sessions, 2-3 way file/folder, binary, archive, and remote/FTP compare operations. UC Mac also offers our powerful Find Duplicates engine as well as its sophisticated synchronization manager. And of course, UC Mac delivers on performance!

Sign up today for UC Mac Beta I. We expect beta start within the month!
Corporate customers
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