ComponentOne Tech Connection: Oct/Nov 2011 (영문)
2011/10/31 (11:31)
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ComponentOne Tech Connection

The Ultimate UI Tools for ASP.NET WebForms & MVC

Take on any style of web development using the ultimate UI controls from WebForms to MVC. New web tools inside Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo offer effortless application-wide theming, full cross-browser compatibility, unmatched performance, and built-in Web Standards

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Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo
ComponentOne Tech Connection

Words from the Editor

Bernardo Castilho   Epic Advancements for the Future
Bernardo Castilho, Chief Technology Officer

For those entwined in the Visual Studio ecosystem, the mid-September unveiling of Windows 8 and Visual Studio 11 Express for Windows Developer Preview was monumental. More than ever, the technology landscape is changing in ways many of us may not have predicted. While I'll be the first to not call myself a visionary, being a CTO requires a certain amount of forward thinking.
A particular classroom experience I recall is learning about Isaac Asimov, a biochemistry professor and well-renowned author, whom was quoted as saying, "It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be."

In the looser sense of the word, "World" ComponentOne is applying the same mindset as we lay out our technology roadmap. It's evident in our redesigned Studio for ASP.NET product (launched July 2011), as it falls right in line with Microsoft's latest announcements. I encourage you to read this issue's article by product manager Chris Bannon to see how you can get started today with Windows 8 development using web tools built with HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, and SVG from ComponentOne.

 Featured Article

Chris Bannon   Wijmo Charts in Windows 8
Chris Bannon, Product Manager

At BUILD, Microsoft announced that we can now use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to build Windows 8 applications. The new Metro-style or "immersive" apps are built using these technologies. As a Web Developer, I couldn't be happier to hear that news. The night of the announcement, I sat down with our JavaScript UI library called Wijmo and set out to get our Wijmo Charts rendering in a Metro UI application on Windows 8. Here's how I did it...

 What's New

2011 v3 Release: Coming in November

Official release of Studio for Entity Framework
This new product (included with Studio Enterprise) adds ease-of-use and performance enhancements to the ADO.NET Entity Framework and RIA Services.
Watch Getting Started Videos | Live Demo
NEW addition to Studio for WinForms
Reports for .NET Designer Edition joins the Studio. You can now modify and distribute the C1ReportDesigner application royalty-free with your Studio for WinForms license!
ASP.NET control suite expanded
Data visualization enhancements include HTML5 gauges and more chart types.
NEW Maps powered by Esri
ComponentOne has partnered with Esri, the leading online map and GIS provider. In the 2011 v3 release, the ComponentOne Maps™ for Silverlight and WPF powered by Esri will replace our existing map controls, which will enter maintenance mode. This offering includes free use of several sets of geographical tiles and services, as well as powerful new mapping features (like WrapAround, clustering, heatmaps, and support for Esri shape files).
Build Windows with ComponentOne

Microsoft BUILD introduced developers to the future of Windows and ways to take advantage of it. One way is to use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to build Windows apps. Check out the tools we have to help you build Metro applications and beyond.
Learn about Wijmo from ComponentOne

In just over a minute, learn how you can build Web Forms apps with Wijmo: our core client-side technology featuring HTML5 & jQuery! We welcome you to watch the animated video. Enjoy the presentation!
Instant Data Views with Studio for SharePoint

SharePoint Dashboards using ComponentOne Studio for SharePoint ComponentOne recently returned from the Microsoft SharePoint conference in Anaheim, CA. We were surprised to find that 80% of the attendees needed to create business intelligence portals. Because of this, response to the Web Parts included in Studio for SharePoint was overwhelming.
Our Web Parts are designed to easily insert into a SharePoint 2010 or Office 365 page and configure data views with a point-and-click designer. Here is what is included:
  • DATAGRID. Our most popular Web Part. Scroll, group, sort, and filter large datasets without page refreshes. Also add, update, and delete records.
  • CHART. An impressive chart. Set up is as easy as Excel.
  • OLAP. A pivoting data view. Filter, slice, and analyze data in grid and chart views.
  • MAPS. Plot data on a Bing map.
  • COVERFLOW. Flip though images in an iTunes-style carousel.

Whether you're browsing our live demo site or installing a trial version, you can quickly see what our Web Parts can do for your projects. Try these Web Parts yourself on our live demo site, and download Studio for SharePoint (fully functional trial).

Upcoming Webcasts: Free to Attend

 LightSwitch Onramp (Level 200)- In this Webcast, learn what LightSwitch is, what you need to develop with LightSwitch, and how to get started developing a LightSwitch application.

November 10, 11:00AM (PST) Register

 Entity Framework: Back to Basics (Level 200)- This talk will cover basic Entity Framework model first development and Code First development.

November 15, 11:00AM (PST) Register

 HTML5 Charting in Windows 8 (Level 200)- This Webcast will focus on utilizing existing Web development tools and knowledge to kick start development in Windows 8.

November 17, 11:00AM (PST) Register

 Event Center

ComponentOne supports and sponsors community and developer events throughout the world, including conferences, code camps, tech fests, and user group meetings. Here is a list of upcoming events.

Las Vegas, NV | October 31 - Nov 3
Desert Code Camp 2011.2
Chandler, AZ | Nov 5
What's Inside

Words from the Editor

Epic Advancements for the Future

Featured Article

Wijmo Charts in Windows 8

What's New

2011 v3 Release: Coming in November
Build Windows with ComponentOne
Learn about Wijmo from ComponentOne
Instant Data Views with Studio for SharePoint
Upcoming Webcasts: Free to Attend

Event Center

Desert Code Camp


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