GrapeCity Spread.NET 6 Professional Released (영문)
2011/10/19 (10:14)
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Spread.NET 6 Professional Released!
Professional Edition adds new components to Spread.NET

Fast on the heels of the initial release of Spread.NET, we present to you Spread.NET Professional! Spread.NET 6 provides advanced spreadsheet functionality to create highly-specialized applications such as Financial Modeling, Statistical Analysis, Scientific and Engineering Models, Sales Analysis, Budgeting, native Microsoft Excel IO, and many other business functions. The new Professional Edition allows you to quickly add data visualization, calculations, and easier layout options to your applications.

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New components in Spread.NET Professional include:

  • New! MultiRow - Forms Reformed! View the MultiRow Product Page
    MultiRow is an innovative grid component that is ideal for designing complex input forms, data views and dynamic reports that must have the exact appearance you need. No longer must you work around the constraints of table and grid layouts. The Visual Studio-integrated Form Layout Designer and Rich Input Controls make desiging the most complex forms and data views both easy to create and maintain. Creating input forms can be simple!
    Learn more about MultiRow...

    Watch the MultiRow Getting Started videos:

View the MultiRow Video

View the MultiRow Video

View the MultiRow Video

Overview - Part 1

Overview - Part 2

Overview - Part 3

  • Formula Provider
    Leverage the power of the Spread Calculation Engine outside of Spread. Now you can perform Spread calculations in your application controls. Access built-in and custom function capabilities to create specialized and complex formula evaluations.
  • Stand-Alone Chart
    View the Spread.NET Product PageCreate charts without the spreadsheet or any of its dependent assemblies, or move your charts outside the spreadsheet.
  • Spread Designer Run-Time License
    Host the Spread Designer tool in your applications and let your users edit or create spreadsheets!

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Spread.NET is an Embedded Spreadsheet Platform for Advanced Business, Engineering and Scientific Applications.

  • Flexible Spreadsheet capable of handling your Advanced Grids, Forms and Charts needs
  • Ideal for Financial Modeling, Budgeting, Engineering, Statistical Applications and more
  • Integrated Charting Engine and Data Visualizations for Informative and Effective Business Dashboards
  • Perfect Forms Layout with the new MultiRow component
  • Comprehensive Microsoft Excel File Format Support for Information Exchange across the Enterprise

Spread.NET advances the Spread product line with new Excel features, client support for more browsers, and more refined controls to improve the user experience for both developers and end users. Some new features include:


  • Support for Excel Sparklines (line, bar, win-loss)


Spread.NET with Sparkline: Line


Spread.NET with Sparkline: Column

  • Support for the Excel Camera tool
  • Excel import and export performance improvements:
    • Speed improvements of 20-30% for most Excel documents.
    • MMemory usage improvements of 20-30% for most Excel documents.
  • Expanded browser support for the ASP.NET component - Enhanced browser support for Internet Explorer 9 and 10, and new support for Mozilla FireFox 4.

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