UltraCompare v8.20 released; UltraEdit Mac/Linux v2.3 coming soon! (영문)
2011/10/14 (10:29)
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New versions are not always about new features...

UltraCompare v8.20: Polish, perfect, and publish!

Screenshot of UltraCompare v8.20
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UltraCompare v8.20 is now available and is the most mature and polished release of UltraCompare to date!

Our development team has put forth a six-month effort to enhance and improve existing functionality in almost every area...

What's better in v8.20?
* Landscape printing
* New parsing options for DOC/RTF/PDF
* Improved folder sync for local and remote
* Integrated online help
* Optimized FTP delete/merge
  Delete/merge now occurs directly on server
* Command line improvements
  Now respects "Specify Extensions" setting
  Support for relative paths
* GUI/usability improvements
  Empty folders no longer show "+" symbol
  Improved file/folder path auto-complete
* Plus a whole lot more...
  UltraEdit Mac/Linux v2.3: Expected this month
UEx v2.3 screenshot UltraEdit Mac/Linux v2.3: Expected this month

Last month, we pre-announced UltraEdit Mac/Linux editions v2.3 as the biggest release to date. V2.3 has been in beta for several weeks, and is nearing final testing and release candidate status. A special thanks to our beta testers who have provided us exceptional feedback (as always) on the new version!

Check out some of the new functionality below:
Astyle code reformatter HTML toolbar New function list New status bar
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  UltraCompare for Mac: Beta testers wanted
Hey Mac users... Want to join our UltraCompare for Mac beta team?
As UltraCompare for Mac nears final development and its beta testing phase, we are welcoming new members to our UltraCompare for Mac beta team. Email us to participate!
  Featured blogs
Ian Mead UE Mac: Moving rapidly from text editor to programmer's editor
UltraEdit for Mac was released just 10 months ago as our initial starting point on the Mac platform. We stated then in our blog that, "...our intent is to bring UltraEdit for Mac to the point of exceeding our current Windows capabilities." Those that know what UltraEdit for Windows can do understand the magnitude of this task...

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Richard Knott UltraCompare for Mac: The multi-platform solution nears...
We are thrilled to announce that the Mac edition of UltraCompare Professional is nearing beta. (Expected Nov, 2011) We are also excited to say that UCx (Mac/Linux) features and functionality are already on par with its UC Windows counterpart! That means that all the latest leaps in functionality, such as the new Sync/Merge engine as well as the Powerful Find Duplicates engine will be available on Mac... Day 1.

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Peter Pizzuto Help joins the information highway!
Problem: How do we provide our millions of users with platform-centric help for multiple products, each on three platforms (Win/Mac/Linux), and each in 8 localized versions (English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese) ...and keep it up to date? The solution: Going online solves this problem and allows us to create a more powerful tool for our users - universal help.

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  Team spotlight
  Renee's Webb
Hello World... I'm Liam!

A HUGE congratulations to Ben and his lovely wife Jenna on the arrival of their very first child Liam. Liam Benjamin Schwenk was born Sept 15, 2011 and is doing fantastic. What a blessing he will be to the lives of many!

Ben has been with IDM for nearly 6 years and is responsible for our website content and newsletter production. Ben is also part of our tier II/III support team. Aside from these responsibilities, Ben is involved in all aspects of our daily operations, which is why his title is Operations Manager.

Ben, you are so important to us at IDM and we are so happy for you and Jenna. Our most sincere best wishes to you and your growing family!
  Renee's Webb
Renee's Web Comic
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