UEStudio 11 and UC 8.10 released; UCx now available... (영문)
2011/05/13 (18:50)
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  In this issue:  UES 11 released | UC 8.10 Released | UC for Linux released | Blogs/power tips
Announcing UEStudio 11
Screenshot of UEStudio 11
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What's new in UEStudio 11?
* Completely re-engineered File View
* XML Manager additions and improvements
* HTML/XML open/close tag matching
* File tab status icons to indicate new, saved/unsaved, FTP, and read-only files
* New icon set and theme
* Highlight all occurrences of selected text
* Persistent "Highlight All" after Find
* New Vista/Win7 style Open and Save As dialogs
* "Count All" in selected text or column range
* Increased maximum number of wordfile color groups (20 total allowed)
* Ability to switch file/app name order in title bar
* Revamped CVS/Subversion support (more)
* Plus a whole lot more...
 UltraEdit Users: Upgrade to UE v17
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 UltraEdit Users: Upgrade to UES v11

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UEStudio provides a framework of integrated development functionality that complements a very powerful editing platform.
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 UltraCompare v8.10 Released
You don't need to remember to sync your local and remote files anymore...
    UltraCompare v8.10 does it for you!
UltraCompare v8.10 screenshot
See what's new in UC 8.10     
UC v8.10:
We are excited to announce the release of UltraCompare v8.10. In addition to performance boosts and internal improvements, our latest version includes two very big new features: PDF compare and Folder Sync scheduling!

Compare text in two or three PDF documents at once. Schedule your folder sync jobs to automatically run once or periodically at your specified date and time. These two new features will improve the way you manage change!
 UltraCompare for Linux - Now Available
UltraCompare for Linux now available!
UCx screenshot
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We are thrilled to announce the first release of UltraCompare for Linux! UltraCompare for Linux includes your favorite features from the Windows version, including two- or three-way text compare, two- or three-way folder compare, binary/hex compare, session management, full text and file/folder merge, result files, difference mapping, ignore options, ability to edit files in UltraEdit, customizable display, layout, colors, and fonts, and a whole lot more.

Download UC for Linux today and discover a new and better way to manage change on Linux!
 Buy now: Limited intro pricing for UCx
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Hurry... this special introductory pricing won't last long!

UCx is built upon the same diff/merge engine as UltraCompare for Windows - and it includes integration with UltraEdit for Linux!
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Intro: $39.95
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 Upgrade to the UE/UC Linux bundle
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Exclusively for existing UltraEdit for Linux users!

Add UCx to your UE for Linux upgrade and save $30 on UCx! Get the total file management solution...on your Linux system!
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  Team Spotlight: Meet Peter Pizzuto
  Use UltraEdit to keep to-do lists
Team Spotlight: Meet Peter Pizzuto, IDM's Customer Support Manager

Photo of Peter Pizzuto We are thrilled to feature Pete in this month's newsletter.

Because of Pete's excellent leadership, customer focus and technical skills, he was recently promoted as IDM's support boss. This is a major post at IDM and comes with great responsibility. Pete clearly understands the importance of world class support and is committed to delivering it to each and every person that calls or emails IDM.

Pete's staff delivers customer and tech support from 6 am to 6 pm M-F EST and provides limited support on evenings, weekends and holidays.

Congratulations Pete! Pete is also to be congratulated that his bride of 8 years is expecting their second child (due this Summer). We are very happy for Pete and his growing family and feel very fortunate that he is leading the IDM support staff!

Interesting facts about Pete: He is the official chess champion here at IDM, loves mood lighting in support, talks a mean game of MMA, a native of Seattle, and serves as a role model and mentor at his church... in other words, a very cool person to hang out with!
  UltraEdit Quick Tip: Use UltraEdit to keep to-do lists

Photo of Ben Schwenk If you're a right-brained person like me, you just can't mentally keep track of everything you need to get done. And – again, if you're like me – you probably don't keep handwritten to-do lists because you misplace your list almost as soon as you complete it.

Well, right-brained or not, you can use UltraEdit for your to-do lists...that way it's impossible to lose them!

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