ComponentOne Studio Tech Connection: August/September 2010 (영문)
2010/08/27 (13:30)
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World-famous FlexGrid Control Goes XAML

The popular FlexGrid control for WinForms is now available in WPF and Silverlight. This lightweight, flexible datagrid control delivers cell merging, full unbound mode, multi-row column headers, printing, and more. Try it risk-free for 30 days.

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 Words from the Editor

Bernardo Castilho Want Flexibility? No Problem.
Bernardo Castilho, Chief Technology Officer

These days everything is about flexibility: flex time, flex spending, flex fuel, etc. While I appreciate this, as a developer my main focus is on controls. So, why not have a flexible grid? Everyone needs a grid for their line-of-business apps and the solution is FlexGrid. Designed to be easy to extend, the FlexGrid is known for its small size, simple object model, cell merging, and owner draw capabilities.

The FlexGrid is ubiquitous. The first version was a VBX control, and then came the OCX, the .NET WinForms, and the .NET Compact Framework. And by popular demand, we just released FlexGrid for Silverlight and WPF for 2010 v2.

What's cool about the FlexGrid control is that it's incredibly small (about 120k, compared to 500k to 800k for most competitors), very efficient, easy to use, and provides most core features demanded by business applications. Some of its unique features include great Excel-like editing with quick and full edit modes, and support for unbound mode, cell merging, owner-draw cells, color schemes and a marquee, serious printing (Silverlight and WPF grids provide methods for scaling and paginating the grid), and easy indexing.

I can go on and on about the FlexGrid, but I think it's best you try it out for yourself. Try the WinForms, WPF, or Silverlight version.

  Featured Article

Greg Lutz FlexGrid Migration to WPF and Silverlight
Greg Lutz, Product Manager

Learn about key features from the classic Windows Forms FlexGrid control and see how you can accomplish the same functionality using the new XAML versions (which are nearly 100% compatible to each other). First, I'll cover some basics, and then show off the new printing support in Silverlight. Lastly, I'll touch on three classic key features: cell editors, subtotals, and cell merging. Read the full article.

  What's New

Just Released: Studio Enterprise 2010 v2

The v2 release brings many enhancements, more controls, and new samples for quick learning. The newest version of Studio for WPF introduces five new controls. Each control is fully compatible to its Silverlight equivalent so you can quickly build both rich desktop client and Web applications with shared code. And with over 25 feature-rich WPF controls, you have the tools you need to build high-performance data visualization solutions.

We've added features and design-time interactivity to Studio for WinForms. True DBGrid has more Excel-like functionality, and Editor for WinForms now has support for public history, enhanced list support, and a new ColorPicker control. And with enhanced design-time editors in Gauges for WinForms, you can quickly create, style, and customize your gauges.

With Studio for ASP.NET AJAX, you'll find samples, samples, and more samples. The 2010 v2 release includes new AdventureWorks, iTunes, and StockPortfolio samples with source code for quick learning.

Updates to Studio for Silverlight include a new Calendar control and DataGrid for Silverlight enhancements such as native support for the ICollectionView interface and more support for hierarchical data scenarios.

Download the 30-day, full-featured trial: Studio Enterprise 2010 v2.

New Demos: FlexGrid for Silverlight

FlexGrid Demo See the famous FlexGrid in action! Choose from three demos. The first shows off unique features like true unbound mode, flexible cell merging, and multi-cell row and column headers. The second shows how the C1FlexGrid control can be configured to behave just like Microsoft Excel. And the third demonstrates using C1FlexGrid and C1Chart in a Silverlight RIA Services Business Application. Visit the demo site.
Product Review: ComponentOne LiveLinq

Mike Riley from Windows IT Pro Magazine writes a review on LiveLinq stating, "The performance gains and optimization made as a result of using LiveLinq are stunning." Read the full review.
Preview OLAP for Silverlight Today

The OLAP for Silverlight suite of controls provide analytical processing features similar to those found in Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts, and provide the same functionality as the WinForms suite. With drag-and-drop views, you get real-time information, insights, and results in seconds. Download and play with the Beta today!
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GridView Extravaganza
This Webcast shows some of the hundreds of C1GridView features. We'll dive into all of the cool apps to build with grids using different configurations.

September 8, 10:00AM (EDT) Register

ComponentOne Charting 101
This Webcast focuses on the ComponentOne Chart controls for WPF and Silverlight. Learn how to bring your data to life with the powerful charting control, C1Chart. We will cover data-binding basics, explore the many possibilities and features available, as well as dive into advanced techniques such as interaction, optimization, and even animation.

September 22, 1:30PM (EDT) Register

Improving Usability with ComponentOne DynamicHelp
ComponentOne DynamicHelp, a control included with Studio for WinForms and Doc-To-Help, gives you a Help pane that you can embed directly into your application's interface. You or your Help authors can then visually map topics. Join this session to learn how this tool can improve usability.

September 14, 3:00PM (EDT) Register

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Words from the Editor

Want Flexibility? No Problem.

Featured Article

FlexGrid Migration to WPF and Silverlight

What's New

Just Released: Studio Enterprise 2010 v2
New Demos: FlexGrid for Silverlight
Product Review: ComponentOne LiveLinq
Preview OLAP for Silverlight Today
Upcoming Webcasts: Free to Attend

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