DX Press: DXperience 2010.2 Previews, VCL Grid 7 News & New XAF Features (영문)
2010/08/23 (09:33)
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DevExpress Newsletter

Issue #32
19 August 2010

In This Issue

The Composed Method pattern
Going for Gold: Previews of DXperience v2010.2
New Functionality to Come in XAF
VCL News: Early Previews of ExpressQuantumGrid and ExpressBars v7
Using DevExpress Controls with OData
Binding and Accessing Data with the Silverlight Data Grid
Message from the CTO

The Composed Method pattern

One of the things I've adopted over the years in my own programming is the use of small methods -- that is, small as in few lines of code. It's made much easier by the use of a good Extract Method refactoring tool.

I was delighted to learn recently that this practice is known as the Composed Method pattern.

DevExpress News Headlines

Going for Gold: Previews of DXperience v2010.2

We’re ramping up development on the upcoming release of the second volume of DXperience 2010, and things are rocketing along. Alongside new editor controls for WPF and Silverlight, we’re also introducing printing and exporting support with the WPF Pivot Grid as well as a new gallery control in the XtraBars Suite.

The ASP.NET team are firing on all cylinders, and we’ve got some really meaty enhancements that will help you to steamroller your clients with your applications.

Tell us what you think.

* New ASP.NET MVC HTML Editor Extension
* RTL Support in the ASP.NET Controls
* New Themes and Skins for ASP.NET Applications

New Functionality to Come in XAF

Being the framework that scaffolds the DevExpress UI controls, XAF is often playing catch up in terms of functionality. But this doesn’t mean that Roman, Gary and the team are any less busy. In fact, there’s been an avalanche of new functionality and enhancements.

Check out what you can expect in the v2010 vol 2 release of the Express App Framework.

* New Dashboard Functionality
* New KPI Functionality
* Actions in Detail View Layout
* Pivot Grid and Chart List Editors

VCL News: Early Previews of ExpressQuantumGrid and ExpressBars v7

Delphi doesn’t stand still, and neither does our VCL development team. After the release of Build 52, and new Microsoft Office skins, the team are focusing on the grid control.

Alongside this work, the ExpressBars are seeing significant improvements.

Take a look at Ray’s previews of some of the new material, and give us your feedback on the team’s efforts.

* VCL Grid v7 - Improved Excel Export
* VCL Grid v7 - New Layout View
* VCL Ribbon - ExpressBars and the Office 2010 Look and Feel plus Mini Toolbar
* VCL Ribbon - ExpressBars and Backstage Views

Make the Most of DevExpress

Using DevExpress Controls with OData

We invite you dive into the world of OData and discover out how you can use DevExpress controls to extend the protocol beyond its capabilities.

The articles below offer a variety of ways to implement solutions using DevExpress controls and OData functionality.

Azret demonstrates how to handle basic CRUD operations by building a Calendaring tool. You’ll also find information on OData Summary Extensions and how to use them to build powerful Charting solutions. And what about exploring how DevExpress Server Mode technology can help you to address huge OData tables?

* Using Server Mode to handle Huge Datasets
* Binding to the Scheduler
* Summary Extensions (!summary)
* GroupBy(), Count(), Max() and More...

Movie Magic on the DevExpress Channel

Binding and Accessing Data with the Silverlight Data Grid

The DevExpress Media Team have put together some “Getting Started” material for those of you who want to bind and access data with the AgDataGrid.

Watch these short tutorials and Amanda will get you up to speed on binding data at runtime, using WCF RIA services, and WCF LINQ to SQL classes.

Let’s get started!

* Binding Data at Runtime
* Binding Data using WCF RIA Services
* Binding Data using WCF and LINQ to SQL Classes

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