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2010/08/11 (13:54)
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Design Science- How Science Communicates

How you work with math is changing and so is MathType

There was a time when math was only needed in Word processors and to lesser degree, presentation programs like PowerPoint. Today we see math in blogs, online learning systems, digital books, and more. Not only do we want to make sure that MathType is able to support the way you currently work with math, but also how you work with it in the future.

Sharing our ideas about the future of MathType
We are hard at work on the next version of MathType. Though we can't tell you everything we are doing, at its core we are trying to improve how you communicate and copy math between applications.

Your chance to influence the future of MathType
We want to hear your ideas for future MathType features. We even want to hear what you don't like about MathType.

Check out our new Future MathType page and let us know what you think.

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