SolidTips Newsletter - Best Practices for PDF to Word Conversion (영문)
2010/08/06 (10:17)
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August 2010

Best Practices for Converting PDF Files
Question: Adobe Reader displays my PDF file correctly but when I convert to Microsoft Word I get garbage characters. What happened?

Answer: What you see in a PDF file isn’t what is stored behind the scenes in a PDF file.


When you convert a PDF file into a Word document and you get funny characters instead of what you see in the PDF file it means that your PDF file has character encoding that is not standard.  We call this non-standard encoding (NSE). Solid Converter® PDF and Solid PDF Tools have been engineered to decode NSE PDF files.

Computer programs use different methods to store data in files. The PDF standard has defined how characters and information should be stored in a PDF file so that it will display and print correctly. Not all PDF creators follow these rules. Read more …

Quick editing tips after you have converted to Word

Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word have different methods for displaying text within their files. Font sizes have much finer granularity in Acrobat then in Word for example. Solid Converter PDF and Solid PDF Tools have to make choices when converting PDF text into Word text so that the document formatting and layout are maintained. This might mean adjusting the character spacing to help make it “fit” in Word.

If you are seeing unequal spacing in your document you can quickly do the following:

1. Select all text
2. Choose Format | Font | Character Spacing and select 100%.


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