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2010/07/14 (09:36)
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16 years of UltraEdit

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UltraCompare v7.20 | UEStudio v10.10 | Power Tips | UltraEdit for Mac | Community interest items 

 Another must-have upgrade with enhancements you'll use everyday!
 Announcing UltraCompare v7.20, discover why it's worth upgrading...

UltraCompare v7.20
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What's new in UltraCompare v7.20:
* CRC compares for FTP servers
  Quickly diff files/folders on your server without downloading them first
* Declutter folder compares with mark and hide
  Hide selected files/folders from the results
* Folder mode display enhancements
  Display is now divided into separate panes
  Column width customizations now saved
  Option to synchronize column width changes
  Option to auto-resize column widths
  Ability to lock a column's width
* Improved long path handling in address bar
* Text editing improvements
  Single word selection with double click
  Full line selection with triple click
* And so much more...

 Still using UltraCompare Lite? See what you've been missing...

Pro vs Lite
Feature Lite Pro Feature Lite Pro
Merge differences x + Folder compare x +
Advanced UE/UES integration x + FTP/SFTP support x +
Sessions x + Multi-GB/large file support x +
Inline text editing x + Compare .zip, .rar, & .jar files x +
3-way file/folder compare x + Difference summary/reporting x +

Complete your solution and save 20%

UltraCompare box
Using UC Lite? Get Pro today!
Still using UltraCompare Lite?  As an existing UltraEdit/UEStudio user, you are entitled to a 20% discount on UltraCompare Pro! Complete your edit/diff solution with UC Pro today!
Retail: : $49.95
Now $39.95
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 Upgrade to the bundle and save 40%

UEStudio and UltraCompare box
Upgrade to the bundle!
Add UltraCompare to your UE v16.10 upgrade today. Together, UE/UC provide the perfect dovetail of editing, programming, comparing and merging.
Retail: : $89.95
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 Announcing UEStudio v10.10

 UEStudio v10.10: Performance, perfection, and polish unite!

UltraEdit v16.10
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What's new/enhanced in UEStudio v10.10:
* Major performance advancements
  2x faster startup time *
  2x faster file load time
* Expanded code folding options
  New graphical fold lines
  Color-enabled matched brace highlighting
* New interactive replace in files
  Incremental step through find results
  Accept/ignore file, folders, all
* Auto load project specific macros
* Increase/decrease font size on the fly...
  New scroll wheel zoom (CTRL+mouse wheel)
* Debug scripts with "var_dump" function
* FTP account sharing
* Sort easier - auto-populate from column selection
* Tag list updates. 
* And so much more...
" I can finally use UEStudio as a full replacement for UltraEdit!" - Felix

Upgrade from UE to UES and save big!

UEStudio box
Existing UltraEdit-user special...
Attention UltraEdit users, do you want to upgrade your UE license to UES?  Upgrade your UE license to UES and receive a $30 credit toward your purchase - that's almost 40% off! 
Retail: : $79.95
Now $49.95
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 Upgrade to the bundle and save 40%

UEStudio and UltraCompare box
Upgrade to the bundle!
UEStudio users, add UC to your upgrade today. Together, UES/UC provide the perfect dovetail of editing, programming, comparing and merging.
Retail: : $89.95
Now $59.95
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* Speed test performed on Windows 7 64bit, using ~15 syntax-highlighted files stored on local drive. Results may vary.
 UltraCompare Power Tips UEStudio Power Tips
FTP Compare Instant FTP folder compare
Want to compare local folders and remote folders without downloading the files first? No problem... As of v7.20 you can do just that with the all new FTP CRC compare.
FTP Account Sharing Set and forget account sharing
Stop worrying about porting your FTP account settings to UE, UC, and UES. Now you can configure it once and share your settings with your editor and your diff utility.
Folder Compare Mark and hide files/folders
Have you ever wanted to hide files and folders in your compare set? We have... As of v7.20 UC, offers more control over your folder mode results with mark and hide... 
Brace Matching All new brace matching
Brace matching is an often-used, yet under-appreciated, feature that is indispensable for navigating through code. Brace matching allows you to quickly pair corresponding braces.
Edit Text on the fly Editing files on-the-fly
Of course you can compare files in UltraCompare, but did you know you can also perform quick edits on your files? Edit text on-the-fly directly in the compare frames!
Hide/Show Lines How to configure code folding
Quickly de-clutter complex/nested code structures with code folding.  Code folding allows you to hide/show sections of code. This tip will teach you how to configure code folding.
 Development Update: UltraEdit for Mac
UltraEdit for Mac

UltraEdit for Mac nears BETA... First look!

Progress on the Mac version of UltraEdit has gained significant momentum. For the first time ever, we are now able to share some screen shots with you.

As you can see from the screen shots, UltraEdit for Mac already has major functionality - and powerful file handling!  The GUI supports dockable windows like the file viewer, output, function list, clipboard, tag list windows, etc.  More...
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