DX Press: OData Provider for XPO on CodePlex, Silverlight Documentation for v2010 vol 1, and more
2010/07/12 (17:38)
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Issue №30
08 July 2010
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Improve your code ... by reading
DevExpress at TechEd 2010, in New Orleans
Community Project: OData Provider for XPO
XPO to Database Connectivity: Mastering Fork Etiquette
Silverlight Help Documentation
New Silverlight and WPF Tutorials
Case Study: PeerLabs Inc.
Message from the CTO

Improve your code ... by reading

If you asked a random selection of developers how to improve their code – its clarity, expressiveness testability, robustness, etc – you'd probably get a whole lot of good advice about practicing, TDD, BDD, pair programming, and so on, so forth.

In other words, to improve your code, write more of it. Kind of goes along with the idea of improving your piano playing by playing the piano more.

But there's another way to improve your code, and that is reading other people's code.

DevExpress News Headlines

DevExpress at TechEd 2010, in New Orleans

At the beginning of June, DevExpress attended TechEd, New Orleans. Unlike in previous years where we'd try hard to surpass ourselves in our Exhibit Hall presence, this year we'd taken the opposite approach: very low key, small booth, few people. Instead we decided to pour the savings into something for the New Orleans community: a new house.

Not only that, but we decided to go help build it alongside our partners, Habitat for Humanity. By the end of a very hot and humid day, our DevExpress crew, together with some fellow TechEd attendees and some other helpers, had built and raised the frames for the walls of the house.

* TechEd 2010: First Time In New Orleans
* Rebuild-Restore-Renew: Sponsoring and building a house
* Software Geeks Attempt To Raise A Wall

Three weeks later, Steve Andrews, who'd helped us as part of GeekGive.org, went back to help again and helped complete the roof.

* Rebuild-Restore-Renew: The house three weeks on

Community Project: OData Provider for XPO

In the previous issue, we announced our community project to create a feature-complete OData provider for XPO. Since then, the project has advanced and received a number of suggestions. If you haven’t seen it, head over to the project on CodePlex to try it or join the project.

* OData WCF Data Service Provider for XPO - Part 3

Make the Most of DevExpress

XPO to Database Connectivity: Mastering Fork Etiquette

If you are working on websites that usually have a large number of simultaneously connected users, then data connectivity and access needs to be at its most efficient. In a scenario like this, there are several suggested ways to provide database connectivity, one of which is XPO, the ORM Tool from DevExpress.

In this article, we present the standard way of settings up XPO in a web project, then compare it to a new method that increases efficiency and reduces server response time.

* Read the blog post

Silverlight Help Documentation

The Silverlight help documentation for the DXperience 2010 volume 1 release is now available. The documentation can be downloaded and installed using the latest help file installer from the client center.

* Download Silverlight Help Documentation v2010 vol 1

Movie Magic on the DevExpress Channel

New Silverlight and WPF Tutorials

Take advantage of some of the new features and functionality in the Silverlight and WPF components shipped with the latest release of DXperience. The tutorial videos on the DevExpress Channel will help you get started with the WPF Docking and the Silverlight Toolbar and Menu Control.

* WPF Docking Control – MDI Interfaces
* WPF Docking Control – MDI Using the WPF Project Wizard
* Silverlight Toolbar and Menu Control – Getting Started
* Silverlight Toolbar and Menu Control – Advanced Editing Functionality

DevExpress Case Study

Case Study: PeerLabs Inc.

PeerLabs Inc, is a Software and database management firm with clients in both Public and Private sector. Based on the belief that their users should not change the way they work when using their software, PeerLabs selected DevExpress tools to build a functional user interface with minimum effort. The tiered and agile development of software promoted by DevExpress allowed the developers to focus on non user interface related matters which reside in the backend.

* Read the complete case study

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