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2010/06/30 (11:01)
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JAM Software Newsletter

Dear Customers of JAM Software,

the balls are rolling - get excited because of the World Cup 2010 and fascinating news from JAM Software:

The Conditions:


> Microsoft Partner Program - 100 % satisfied fans

> Dismissal - Microsoft shows Windows 2000 the red card

> Corporate Design - new uniform for JAM Software

The Players:


Windows Explorer Substitute Player

> ShellBrowser for ActiveX - sent off by a red card

> ShellBrowser for .NET & Delphi - can keep on playing



Spam Defense and More

> SpamAssassin for Windows V1.1 - the new Defender

> Exchange Server Toolbox V3.1.1 - the trusted Sweeper



The Free Forward

> UltraSearch V1.3 - rushes forward and scores

Enjoy reading and cheering the World Cup on! 


Best regards from


Falk-Rafael Bubacz Alice Fromme
(Sales Management) (Marketing Management)


Software >

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner - 100 % Satisfaction

We have again successfully mastered the qualification phase of earning Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. To maintain the partner status we need to run through a yearly certification test. Part of this test is also the participation in a customer satisfaction survey that is completed together with Microsoft and the renowned market research company TNS Infratest.

The results of the customer satisfaction were, in the past years, already at 99 %. Within the survey timeframe of January until March 2010, there was a peak reached:100 % of the questioned customers are satisfied with JAM Software. Further information is available on our press page. Our goal is to attain these postive results again next year. Therefore we will continue to further develop our software solutions with consideration of customer feedback.

Windows 2000 Cannot Play Anymore

Microsoft has shown Windows 2000 the red card: 13 July 2010 is the official stop date for Windows 2000 support. Therefore, we are regretfully forced to stop providing support for this platform. We hope you understand.

New Outfit for Website and Products

In the upcoming months we are going to match the design of our website with the high quality of our products - graphically as well as functionally. As a little taster you can see a few new product icons above.




ShellBrowser Components - There Cannot Only Be Winners

Since we would like to concentrate on current and widely used programmer languages, we have decided to discontinue the Components for ActiveX for the benefit of the Delphi and .Net editions. We invested the time saved in updates for ShellBrowser Delphi and .Net. On our website, you can find more information and free, fully-functional trial versions of the developer components.

The existing product support will of course be continued until the end of the active maintenance period. Customers with active or recently expired maintenance have already been notified by e-mail. You can turn to our Sales Team with any questions or problems.



Software >

SpamAssassin for Windows V1.1 - Spam Defense Through Scoring

SpamAssassin for Windows is a powerful e-mail filter that uses a variety of mechanisms like text analysis, Bayes filter and DNS queries to recognize spam e-mails. The e-mails can be processed by a mail server after the assignment of a spam score by SpamAssassin for Windows.

The freeware contains, next to diverse modules, different SpamAssassin components as executable Windows Applications (.exe). Further information and a free download can be found on our website.

SpamAssassin is a project of the Apache Software Foundation and was ported for Windows by JAM Software. We are actively engaged in the Open Source Community by doing so.

Exchange Server Toolbox V3.1.1 - The Sweeper for Exchange

SpamAssassin for Windows is not a mail router and should be monitored by a service when in use with a production server. A comprehensive business solution, however, is the Exchange Server Toolbox. It contains SpamAssassin preconfigured in the installation and increases the security of your Exchange Server with important features. Test the free trial version.

In the course of the year we are going to release a new main version of the Exchange Server Toolbox. To make the licensing as flexible and transparent as possible for you and to provide you with the opportunity to choose the number of accounts to meet your demands, we are going to introduce an account based license model for this product. All existing customers with valid maintenance will be automatically shifted to unlimited accounts during the conversion. As bonus for our attentive newsletter readers, there is a 20 % discount on the Exchange Server Toolbox (valid for new orders and maintenance renewals, up to and including 31.07.2010). Simply enter the following coupon code in the shopping cart: 6yvtr7.



Software >

UltraSearch V1.3 - Finds Hidden Players Again, for Free

UltraSearch searches files on local NTFS drives. The searches are very fast since the freeware directly accesses the Master File Table (MFT) of the NTFS partitions instead of indexing every single file. Wildcard symbols such as * or ? can be used. The search results can now be printed, exported as text- or CSV file or copied.

Find out for yourself about the increased searching speed of our freeware by downloading UltraSearch. For portable applications there is also a Zip file available that can be started without installation, for example, from a USB stick. UltraSearch is compatible with Windows 7.

For the search of free space, we recommend our graphical Disk Space Manager TreeSize Professional. Here you can use a variety of filter criteria like date, file size or path length, combine them with another or search goal-oriented for duplicate files. Simply test the free and fully-functional trial version of TreeSize Professional.


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