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2010/05/27 (14:14)
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19 May 2010
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Message from the CTO

Pair Programming

Just over 10 years ago, Kent Beck wrote a slim volume called "Extreme Programming Explained" that discussed a new methodology for designing and developing applications.

Extreme Programming was one of the first attempts to impose an Agile methodology onto a development process and to avoid the so-called Waterfall method.

In the book, Beck laid out a dozen rules or practices that define Extreme Programming, covering all aspects of team development of software. One of them stood out in particular and seemed to generate more controversy than any of the others.

Pair programming.

Julian M Bucknall, CTO
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Ready...Aim...Release! DXperience v2010 vol 1 Launched
No Room for Second Best ? Silverlight Controls Go for Gold
Getting to Grips with New WPF Features and Controls
ASP.NET Control Improvements in v2010 vol 1
XAF Domain Components: What Can this Do for Me?
Enjoy Some Southern Style with Deep Fried Bytes

Ready...Aim...Release! DXperience v2010 vol 1 Launched

We've wound up the coil tightly. You've seen the videos, you've read the blogs, you've even found the What's New documents. Now we're pulling the trigger.

You can download the first 2010 volume of DXperience from the DevExpress website right now!

Fire up VS2010 and blow the lid off your application development with brand new products and features direct from DevExpress.

* Download DXperience v2010 vol 1 Now

No Room for Second Best ? Silverlight Controls Go for Gold

While the choice to focus development of the DevExpress Silverlight controls solely on Silverlight 4 was fraught with numerous thorny issues, the decision was ultimately based on a desire to provide Silverlight developers with a first class set of controls that would evolve and expand quickly, and necessitate a minimal number of breaking changes as we go forward.

Now that the Research and Development team have a clear Silverlight 4 focus and the solid foundation of the eXpress Presentation Framework to build upon, we can expect a sprint towards a DXperience suite for Silverlight developers. Already the layout and editing controls are heading for the winner’s podium with their latest set of improvements.

We’re keen to know what you think so give us your feedback and thoughts on the blogs and videos below.

* Silverlight Layout Control: Tabbed and Collapsible Groups
* Silverlight Rich Text Edit Control ? New Features in v2010 vol 1
* Video: Silverlight Rich Text Edit Control - New Features
* Custom Syntax Highlighting with the Silverlight Rich Text Edit Control
* Video: Custom Syntax Highlighting
* Silverlight RTF Control and Mail Merge Functionality
* Video: Mail Merge Using Document Fields

Getting to Grips with New WPF Features and Controls

As work continues on the new Microsoft development platforms, our suites of controls continue to expand to cater for bleeding edge developers. DXperience for WPF is seeing some significant improvements, especially with regard to the DXPivotGrid for WPF.

The DXPivotGrid for WPF has been fully-released with DXperience v2010 vol 1, and the team have been working to provide “How To” blog posts and videos on some of the product features to support this new release.

Take a spin around one of the new additions to the DXperience family ? DXPivotGrid for WPF ? and tell us what you think.

* WPF Pivot Table and Chart Integration
* Using the WPF Report Viewer in DXperience
* WPF Pivot Grid and Cell Templates
* WPF Pivot Control and Unbound Expressions
* WPF Grid Control ? Multiple Cell Selection
* Video: WPF Grid - Using the Expression Editor
* Video: WPF Grid - Filter Editor

ASP.NET Control Improvements in v2010 vol 1

WPF and Silverlight present exciting new opportunities for projects for us as developers, but DevExpress are making sure that improvements continue to be made to our ASP.NET controls for those of us continuing to make a living as ASP.NET developers.

Mehul has highlighted some of the latest and greatest features of the DevExpress web development controls, features that the team hope will continue to help you to improve your web-based user interfaces and design.

* Keyboard Navigation For ASP.NET GridView And TreeList Controls
* New Export Improvements in the ASP.NET GridView And TreeList
* New DevExpress Web.Config Settings
* Tooltip Support For ASP.NET Image Controls
* Video: How To Enable Compact Layout Feature in the ASP.NET Pivot Grid

XAF Domain Components: What Can this Do for Me?

A technology preview of XAF Domain Components has shipped with DXperience v2010 vol 1, which is an exciting prospect for our diehard XAF users.

Very cool stuff”, commenter Dave posted on Gary’s blog, “but this all goes way over my head”. You’re not the only one, Dave! Gary set about working with Amanda to create tutorials for the DevExpress Channel to bring our newer XAF users up to speed.

The tutorials are designed to help you. If there are topics you’d like to see covered, send us your ideas and tell us what we should focus on.

* Video: Multiple Inheritance
* Video: Base Class Injection
* Video: Building Reusable Libraries

Enjoy Some Southern Style with Deep Fried Bytes

DevExpress have long been fans of Chris Woodruff and Keith Elder, the hosts of the technical podcast Deep Fried Bytes.

The great thing about Chris and Keith is that they are just like us ? developers in the field, getting on with it. They bring a real down-to-earth sense of reality to the content of their shows and the people that they interview. One of our favorite shows has been Staying Sane in Today’s Software Development World with Billy Hollis. Don’t tell us you’ve never wondered if it’s possible!

The shows are great, the hosts are great … and the current show supporters aren’t bad either! Add Deep Fried Bytes to your RSS feed and soak up their Southern style. Tell ‘em DevExpress sent you.

* The Deep Fried Bytes Technology Podcast
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