UltraEdit 23: Speed...style...yep, it's got that too. (영문)
2016/03/18 (10:18)
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Now available: UltraEdit for Windows v23

Introducing UltraEdit v23 and the all new modern UI.


The Ribbon in v23


The Ribbon
The default ribbon layout places commonly used functions on the Home tab, and groups others by menu organization. But its real value is in its flexibility. Easily customize the ribbon with custom tabs and groups containing all of your most used functions.


Compact Ribbon Mode


Compact Ribbon Mode
Love the ribbon, but want a bit more vertical space? Right-click to instantly switch to "Compact Ribbon Mode" and tighten things up a bit. If you change your mind later, switch back via the same method.


Menu/Toolbard Mode


Toolbar/Menu Mode
The menus and toolbars you know haven't gone anywhere. In fact, with updated icons, two different sizes available and enhanced on-the-fly customizability, they're better than ever. Note: To get to toolbar/menu mode, right-click on the ribbon and select "Toolbar/menu mode."


UE v23 preview


UltraHD Support
Ready for our close-up! UltraEdit now fully supports UltraHD displays.


More: Download v23 NowTour new featuresSee the new UE Mac v16



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Coming next month


We hope you will enjoy the all-new UltraEdit v23 and its Mac counterpart UEx v16.

UEStudio (Win) and UltraCompare (Mac/Win) are expected for release next month, featuring our all-new UI, UHD icons, numerous enhancements and new features. Get these updates and all IDM products when you subscribe to IDM All Access!


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