Now Released: BPSim Execution Engine for Enterprise Architect 12.1 (영문)
2016/01/25 (09:54)
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January - 2016

New Business Process Simulation Engine Now Released!

Enterprise Architect gives you the ability to configure a BPSim simulation against a BPMN diagram. The BPSim capability offers the interested modeler and business strategist unprecedented flexibility in assigning operational information to a model and then assessing the quality of the solution based on information received back from the Simulation engine.

This allows end users to test ideas, identify optimal staffing ratios, experiment with probabilities, alter the timing and duration of events and eliminate bottlenecks, all before committing funds to project implementation.

The BPSim Execution Engine

To run a BPSim simulation with Enterprise Architect you will need an appropriate execution engine that can understand the BPSim standard. Sparx Systems has teamed up with Lanner (recognized as the world's leading business process simulation and optimization organization) to provide you with the MDG BPSim Execution Engine, which enables seamless integration between model, configuration, simulation and results.

This engine is now available for purchase from the BPSim execution engine page:

Simulation and Decision Making in Enterprise Architect 12.1

The latest version of Enterprise Architect offers unprecedented ability to visualize and manage information. This webinar will showcase some of the latest features available in Enterprise Architect 12.1, including new tools that significantly enhance business process simulation, reporting and decision making.

In this webinar:
  • Preview new simulation engine and BPSim capabilities
  • Configure a BPSim simulation against a BPMN diagram
  • Leverage new simulation reporting and charting capabilities.

We invite you to register now.

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Sparx Systems

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