DX Press: DevExpress Roadmap, Silverlight Videos & New VCL Controls (영문)
2010/01/29 (09:12)
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27 January 2010
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Message from the CTO

Assume your code will be public

Back when I was a younger programmer than I am now, I remember writing cute but honest comments in my code. Things like "This is a hack, I'll fix it later", "This is to satisfy that stupid request that XYZ should happen", "One day I'll speed this up, but at least it works". And some of my identifier names could be a little risqué. All very well, since, of course, I was going to be the only person reading my code.

Then it spread to my test data, making up charming first and last names, ridiculous addresses, lampooning famous people or just coworkers.

Of course, you can guess what happened next. Someone high up caught a glimpse and didn't think it was funny. Oops. Later on, when the code I wrote was actually made public (it happens in the control vendor market, don't you know) a customer looked at one of my comments and started arguing about the situation it mocked. Double oops.

So, if you take any advice from me in 2010 at least let it be this recommendation: write your code assuming that it will be public and scrutinized. Don't play funny games with it. Make sure your text -- be it error messages, test data, comments, whatever -- is squeaky clean. Don't end up on the Daily WTF with a red face.

Julian M Bucknall, CTO
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The DevExpress Roadmap for 2010
Developer Stories: DevExpress Hits the Stock Market?
Slick New VCL Controls
Updates from the European Training Tour
Community Bloggers: XPO's Best Friend
DevExpress Channel: Silverlight and WPF Control Videos
Top 5 Tips from DevExpress Support

The DevExpress Roadmap for 2010

For those of you who have been too busy focusing on your New Year's resolutions to have spotted it, DevExpress has released its roadmap for 2010.

Julian has painstakingly collated all of the information that was discussed at the DevExpress Company Summit. Some of his draft attempts shocked a few of the developers and it was at that point that we figured it was ready to publish.

Take a look at the Official DevExpress Roadmap and Julian's follow up blog post.

* The Developer Express 2010 Roadmap
* Roadmaps lack detail. Film at 11

Developer Stories: DevExpress Hits the Stock Market?

Well, not exactly.

Mehul caught up with developer, Chris White, at this year's Microsoft PDC. Chris' stock analysis tool, EdgeRater, won the INETA Component Code Challenge in 2009. And with over 2 years of dedicated effort behind it, it's not hard to see why.

With help from DevExpress controls, Chris has created a visually stimulating and intuitive UI for what is a very complex subject.

Why not drag your FTSEs over to Mehul's blog and check out Chris' "labor of love".

* Video: Get An Edge In The Stock Market

Slick New VCL Controls

It's been a pretty wild ride for our VCL customers over the past few weeks. Not only was Build 48 of the VCL subscription released, but a beta of ExpressSpellChecker was also made available. And if that wasn't enough, the VCL controls have made it back to the DevExpress Channel!

Grab a coffee and get yourself up-to-date!

* Build 48 of the VCL subscription published
* VCL Spell Checker Beta
* VCL Printing - New Features in Version 4
* VCL Printing - Print Preview Dialog Styles

Updates from the European Training Tour

Oliver and Mehul are currently road-tripping around Europe, meeting customers and making friends, on the “Business Applications with DevExpress ASP.NET” training course.

With two sold out dates behind them already, the pair are now headed to Zurich, Switzerland. Catch up on the recent events in Mehul's blogs.

Et pour ceux d'entre vous intéressés par la classe de formation à Paris le Février 1 et 2, des places sont encore disponibles. Il y a plus de détails ici.

* London Or Bust
* Frankfurt Free Seminar Recap
* Auf Wiedersehen Germany! Hallo Switzerland!
* Encore quelques places à Paris

Community Bloggers: XPO's Best Friend

Inspired by some Gary Short code bloopers, DX Squad member and XPO enthusiast, Michael Proctor, envisaged a world where enlightened XPO users draw strength from the life force that is CodeRush.

To set his quest in motion, Michael highlighted some of the best parts of this veritable dream team on his blog.

Join Michael's world. Meet XPO's best friend.

* CodeRush Is Your Best Friend for XPO

DevExpress Channel: Silverlight and WPF Control Videos

In line with our plans to focus on Microsoft's new development platforms during 2010, the team behind the DevExpress Channel is already working to create new content to support our users who follow the continued growth of the Silverlight and WPF control suites.

The first batch of instructional videos provide walkthroughs of features of the Silverlight grid and spell checker, as well as the WPF bars.

Why not take some time over lunch to see if Amanda can sprinkle some sparkle to your DevExpress day?

* Silverlight Grid - Rename Default Captions
* Silverlight Grid - Conditionally Prevent Cell Editing
* Silverlight Grid - Confirm Row Deletion
* Silverlight Grid - Make Columns Read-Only
* AgCore - Create and Display a Popup Window
* Silverlight SpellChecker - Getting Started
* WPF Bars - Embed Editors
* WPF Bars - Focus an Editor

Top 5 Tips from DevExpress Support

Here's this week's top 5 list:

* WPF DXDocking - Create a custom theme for DXDocking
* XtraEditors - Get or set caret position within the editor
* XtraEditors - Set PopupContainerEdit's dropdown width to match the editor
* ExpressQuantumGrid - Highlight found words in cells
* ExpressQuantumGrid - Prevent text selection when an editor is activated
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