The First Must-have Release of the Year... (영문)
2010/01/20 (18:41)
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15 years of UltraEdit

In this issue:
UltraCompare v7.00 | UltraEdit for Linux v1.1 | UltraEdit v16.00Coming in 2010 | Upgrade Specials

UltraCompare v7.00 - The Must-Have Version of the Must-Have Series...

UltraCompare v7.00
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What are people saying about v7.00?

"SWEET! I love the sessions!" - William H.
Why is v7.xx a must-have series? 
For starters, how about a adding a File Manager with an integrated Sessions Manager? Chase that with plans for a new integrated FTP Browser and Edit Control Engine, plus over 30 enhancements to existing features along the way... More...

What's New/Enhanced in v7.00:
* Session management features
  Save/restore individual sessions
  Save/restore session groups
  Session properties configuration dialog
* (Optional) Load previous sessions on launch
* Workspace Manager
* Explorer view tab
  Explore files/folders
  Filter files
  Drag and drop to compare frames
* Sessions tab
  Add active session(s)
  Launch session(s)
  Delete/Rename session
* Full Unicode support
* Fully-enabled 64-bit shell integration
* More...

UltraCompare v7.00 New Features... Put Them to the Test!

workspace manager Drag and Drop Files/Folders
The Workspace Manager is all about convenience, and it will be central to your diff operations. 

Use the Workspace Manager to navigate through files/folders, filter file types, create sessions, and more.  More...
Sessions Sessions - Work Smarter
Sessions give you more control and offer faster diff operations.

Sessions allow you to set options for a common set of files/folders for quick recall.  You can also group and store related sessions. More...
Unicode Support Unlimited Language Support
Unicode maps most written characters such as Chinese, English, Russian, Arabic, etc.

As computing has become increasingly global, so does your need for Unicode support. V7.00 gives you full Unicode support.
UC Sessions Config Reload Active Sessions
When you're doing complex compares, it doesn't take long to open quite a few tabs.

What happens when you close UC to move on to another task - lose your sessions?  Not with reload active sessions!  More...

Richard L. Knott

Featured Blog: A Closer Look at UltraCompare v7.00

The strategy behind the v7.xx series is threefold: enriched user experience, integration, and added feature-depth. V7.00 targets enriched user experience because our job is to make it as easy as possible to detect, analyze, and manage change. More...
 UltraEdit for Linux v1.1
UEx V1.1
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Announcing UltraEdit for Linux v1.1:

As promised, we are maintaining an active development tempo for UltraEdit for Linux (UEx). The first installment (of 4 planned for 2010) is UEx v1.1. It includes over 130 changes and enhancements since v1.0. What's new? See for yourself..
* List lines containing string dialog
* Tag list
* "#!" file-type syntax highlighting detection
* Function list enhancements
  Sort, clipboard, caret synchronization
* File state saved
  Modes (hex, column, word wrap)
  Code folding, bookmarks, encoding
* File rename and so much more...
Featured Blog: UltraEdit v16.00
UltraEdit v16.00

What Can You Expect in the UltraEdit v16.xx Series...?         

The intent of this announcement is to talk about our development strategy for the v16.xx series, as a whole, and to provide some insight into what's coming in v16.00 (expected Mar 2010).

To those who participated in our user community survey, I want to thank you again for your time and for sharing your perspective. The survey affirmed that the perfection of existing features is as important as accommodating new technology. More...
Haven't Upgraded to v15.20?
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Coming 2010
UE for Mac

Because No Solution Should Be Bound by OS...
Announcing the UE/UC Multi-Platform Bundle!

The Linux version of UltraEdit is doing very well and the Mac version is soon to follow.  But, what about UltraCompare, shouldn't the solution preferred by millions be cross platform compatible too?

Absolutely! We are pleased to announce that we have doubled our Linux/Mac staff and are planning to release UltraCompare Professional for Mac/Linux this year as well! That's right, the solution preferred by millions is going totally cross platform. More details to come...
 New Year User-Community Specials:

Get UC v7.00 Today and Save 20%

UltraCompare box
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Save time and manage file changes the easy way. UC Pro lets you track/merge differences between files & folders.  Plus, it's fully integrated with UE & UES!
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 Upgrade to the Bundle and Save 40%

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Add UC to your UE upgrade today. Together, UE/UC provide the perfect dovetail of editing, programming, comparing and merging.
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Save 40% on UEStudio

UEStudio box
Essential for developers...
Migrate from UltraEdit to UEStudio, and get the all new v09.30.  UES includes all the features of UltraEdit plus SVN/CVS support, a PHP debugger, and more!
Retail: : $79.95
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Intro Pricing Extended - Save 40%

UltraEdit for Linux box
Get UEx v1.1 today!
Because no solution should be bound by your OS... Get your favorite editor on your operating system of choice. Purchase UltraEdit for Linux today!

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