FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms 5 Released - now with Charting (영문)
2010/01/14 (15:55)
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FarPoint Newsletter
Welcome to 2010! As we bring in the New Year, we also bring in new product versions and other exciting announcements.

Now available is FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms 5 with support for fully interactive charts. With this release, we also announce our new Site Licenses, allowing you to license your entire development team for one low price. And don't forget about FarPoint Spread for ASP.NET 5 right around the corner which will also include support for charts. Stay tuned for other announcements, including our new Silverlight offerings, coming soon!

New!Announcing FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms 5
  …now with Charting!

FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms 5, the world's best-selling spreadsheet component, now includes support for one of its most requested features—charting! The Chart component provides 85 different chart types and a built-in user interface for creating and customizing charts. Spread for Windows Forms 5 also includes support for importing Microsoft® Excel® password protected files, lossless editing of Microsoft Excel files containing macros and scripts, and more.

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  • New! Fully integrated charting support with over 85 different chart types.
  • New! Chart Designer that lets you modify the formatting of your charts, or allow your end-users to modify their charts at run time.
  • New! Lossless editing of Microsoft Excel files containing macros and script code.
  • New! Support for Microsoft Excel import and export of shapes and charts.
  • New! Support for importing and exporting Microsoft Excel 2007 workbooks using ISO-OOXML compliant passwords.
  • Updated! Spread Designer, including a ribbon bar interface.
  • And much more!
Ready to Order?

Spread for Windows Forms now with 			Charting 1. Call us at 1-919-460-4551 or 1-800-645-5913
2. Email us at fpSales@FarPointSpread.com
3. Fax us at 1-919-460-7606
4. Order online at https://netserv.fpoint.com/FarPointStore/

New Site License Option

There has never been a better or a more economical way to standardize on the most robust components in the industry.

We are pleased to introduce our new Site Licenses. This new purchasing option allows you to license all your developers at a single physical location with a licensed version of our products. Adding new developers to the project? No need to purchase additional licenses if you own a site license…you're covered! Have multiple developers at multiple locations? We have a purchasing option for that too.

Site licenses are now available for:
  • Spread for Windows Forms
  • Spread for ASP.NET
  • Spread COM
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Current Versions

Are you using the latest version? If not, log into the support site at www.clubFarPoint.com to download the latest maintenance release. If you haven't logged in before, click on the 'Not a Member Yet?' link when online to join. It's free!

.NET Products Version                   COM Products Version
FarPoint Spread for ASP.NET 4.0 04.00.xx07   FarPoint Spread 8 08.00.07
FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms 5.0 05.00.xx03   Tab Pro 3.1 03.01.25
Input Pro for Windows Forms 01.00.3516   List Pro 3 03.00.49
      Input Pro 3 03.00.39
Enterprise Server Products     Calendar Objx 3 03.00.16
FarPoint Spread for BizTalk 03.00.00   Button Objx 2 02.00.40

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