New Exchange 2007 Monitoring from SolarWinds (영문)
2010/01/11 (15:35)
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Looking for easy-to-use tools for monitoring Exchange 2007? Check out two products from SolarWinds that allow network engineers to quickly, easily and powerfully monitor Exchange 2007. You’ll get real-time visibility into the health and performance of your Exchange Servers.

Free Exchange 2007 Monitoring

With SolarWinds FREE WMI Monitor you can monitor real-time performance of Microsoft® Exchange 2007 including mailboxes, public folders and all mail flow inside the organization. FREE WMI Monitor delivers a desktop dashboard that monitors any Windows server or application and offers built-in, community sourced, and customizable application templates.

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When you're ready to move on to more advanced Exchange monitoring, you'll need to download Orion® APM... You'll still be able to use the application templates from WMI monitor, making the transition easy!


Advanced Application Monitoring with Orion APM


For advanced Exchange 2007 monitoring you’ll want to check out Orion Application Performance Monitor which easily discovers your Exchange servers and automatically deploys the appropriate monitors for the server role; mailbox servers from edge transports, hub transports from client access. Choose a Quality of Experience monitor to measure email performance from the end user perspective. Plus, as a module of Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Orion APM presents application monitoring data alongside comprehensive performance information for your network infrastructure. With Orion APM you can:

  • Simulate and measure Round Trip Email with User Experience Monitors
  • Ensure availability of Outlook Web Access by monitoring IIS performance counters
  • Verify health of necessary Active Directory services and DNS
  • Leverage network service monitors to gauge DNS, IMAP4, POP3, and MAPI performance


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