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2009/12/11 (14:12)
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15 years of UltraEdit

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Message from Ian | What to Expect in 2010 | UE for Mac | Survey Results | UC v7.00 | Upgrade Specials

Ian D. Mead

How the Story A Christmas Carol Continues to Change the World

It is hard to believe that Christmas is here already. Aside from all the hustle and bustle, the fun and the festivities, and the real meaning of Christmas, I often find myself thinking about some of the wonderful books and movies that bring extra meaning or thought to the spirit of Christmas.  More...
 Featured Blog Post
Richard L. Knott

In Technology, a lot Happens in a Year.... What's Coming in 2010?

This year marked the release of IDM's next generation file management solutions. We made huge technology installments in all our titles. We added more threaded processes to UltraEdit/UEStudio, a wordfile overhaul, an XML manager, code folding guide lines, and so much more. What's in store for 2010?  Click here to find out...
Update: UltraEdit for Mac
UE for Mac

Development Update: UltraEdit for Mac - What's Happening?

For those patiently awaiting the Mac version of UltraEdit we have some news.  The bottom line first: We are closer rather than farther away.

You're probably thinking, "OK, when?". Certainly, because the Linux and Mac versions will share the same code base, UltraEdit for Linux paved the way for the Mac build. So we are on it! But, as many of you are developers, you know it's not as simple as build it and run.

In the Windows and Linux development, we approached our Linux version with a specific intent to provide the user with a native Linux computing experience. More...
 Community Special

Community Survey Results are Here!

1. What disciplines use UltraEdit most?
2. Which matters more: features or performance?
4. See what features and enhancements our respondents asked for.
3. When can you expect your feedback to be incorporated in an upcoming version?

See the results...
 Pre-Announcing UltraCompare v7.00

Pre-Announcing UltraCompare v7.00 - Coming in January 2010

UltraCompare v7.00
When we released UltraCompare v6.00, many of you told us that it surpassed your expectations and dramatically improved your day-to-day workflow. 

UltraCompare v7.00 will raise the bar yet again on file and folder compare and merge. 

What's Coming in UltraCompare v7.00
* New File manager with Sessions tab
* Stored and grouped sessions
* Sessions properties manager
* Full Unicode Support
* Windows 7 improvements
* Enhanced shell integration
* Enhanced Version Control
* And more...
workspace manager Workspace Manager
The workspace manager is all about convenience, and it will be central to your diff operations. 

Use the workspace manager to navigate through files/folders, filter file types, create sessions, and more...
Sessions Sessions
Sessions give you more control and offer faster diff operations.

Sessions allow you to set compare options for a common set of files and folders for quick recall.  You can also group related compare sessions.
Unicode Support Full Unicode Support
Unicode maps most written characters such as Chinese, English, Russian, Arabic, etc.

As computing has become increasingly global, so does your need for Unicode support. V7.00 gives you full Unicode support.
Shell Improvements Enhanced Shell Integration
Shell integration has been a vital feature for many users - it's fast, efficient, and easy to use.

V7.00 improves upon UC's shell integration.  Simply mark your files in Explorer, right click, then run your compare.
 End of Year Specials: Hurry, when the year ends, so do these prices!

Save 25% on UC and Get v7.00 Free

UltraCompare box
Complete your solution today!
Save time and manage file changes the easy way. UC Pro lets you track/merge differences between files & folders.  Plus, it's fully integrated with UE & UES!
Retail: $39.95
Now $29.95
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 Save 50% - Get v7.00 and v16.00 Free

UltraEdit and UltraCompare box
Upgrade to the bundle!
Add UC to your UE upgrade today. Together, UE/UC provide the perfect dovetail of editing, programming, comparing and merging.
Retail: $69.95
Now $44.95
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Last Chance to Save 40% on UEStudio

UEStudio box
Essential for developers...
Migrate from UltraEdit to UEStudio, and get the all new v09.30.  UES includes all the features of UltraEdit plus SVN/CVS support, a PHP debugger, and more!
Retail: $79.95
Now $49.95
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Intro Pricing Ends Jan 1st - Save 40%

UltraEdit for Linux box
Hurry, intro pricing ends soon!
Because no solution should be bound by your OS... Get your favorite editor on your operating system of choice. Purchase UltraEdit for Linux today!

Retail: $69.95
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