[Sothink.com] SWF Quicker Upgrade News. Windows 7 Supported (영문)
2009/11/20 (14:11)
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SWF Quicker Upgrade News
Release Date: 16th Nov, 2009
Version: 4.7
System Requirements: Windows 7/ Me/ 2000/ NT/ XP/ Vista/ Server 2003/ Server 2008

New Features:
* Support Windows 7.
* Support exporting movies to the format of Flash Lite 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0.
* Optimized the Pen, Subselection and Ink Bottle tools for easy-drawing.

Fixed Bugs:
* Fixed the error of editing texts.
* Fixed the error of adding effects to texts.

Check all the super enhancement

Download Now

Note: For the users who are still using V2.x or older versions, please install this new version in a different folder.

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Guides & Tutorials

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Upgrade Tips

For V3.x Users >>
It is a FREE upgrade. Just install the latest version and your program will be updated.

For V1.x / V2.x Users >>
You can upgrade to V4.x by paying a price difference. Please refer to
this link for upgrade steps.

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