The Telerik Monthly - Q3 2009: All Developer UI Component Suites and Tools Updated (영문)
2009/11/09 (10:06)
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November 2009








1.  Q3 2009: All Developer UI Component Suites and Tools Updated

2.  Release Webinars - See What's New in Q3 Release and Win Prizes

3.  Training Webinars - OpenAcess ORM, RadScheduler for ASP.NET AJAX, Reporting

4.  Telerik Around the World


Q3 2009: All Developer UI Component Suites and Tools Updated

Q3 2009: All Developer UI Component Suites and Tools UpdatedWe are excited to announce our last and biggest release of the year, Q3 2009, is now available on This release delivers numerous product enhancements across the entire Telerik Premium Collection, all designed to make you more productive in all aspects of the development lifecycle. Among the highlights are new UI components in the RadControls for Silverlight and WPF suites; the introduction of a native Silverlight Viewer for Telerik Reporting; and the launch of the industry's first codeless testing automation for Silverlight with WebUI Test Studio.

Q3 2009: All Developer UI Component Suites and Tools UpdatedRadControls for Silverlight

In Q3 2009, RadControls for Silverlight adds seven new controls, a faster and more responsive gridview, new Visual Studio Extensions for increased productivity, and tons of feature improvements across all existing UI components.

A key focus for Q3 is delivering one of the fastest and most feature rich grids for Silverlight. Excellent performance is achieved in Q3 with the introduction of new vertical and horizontal UI virtualization, which results in improved speed and reduced memory footprint, especially when working with large data sets. RadGridView now smoothly handles large datasets with many columns, quickly sorting, filtering, and scrolling without any lag. See Demo

RadTreeView also benefits from UI virtualization in Q3 2009. RadTreeView can now handle millions of records with ease, thanks largely to the new UI virtualization optimizations.

Application performance is vital, but it is not the only concern when building a line-of-business application. Q3 2009 also showcases a number of new interactive and rich visual controls such as TileView, Book and Map.  Each helps you create immersive user experiences in your Silverlight applications. For building rich, powerful navigation systems, you can also use the new RibbonBar, OutlookBar and TreeListView controls.

Another exciting addition to the updated suite is the new Visual Studio Extensions plug-in for the RadControls for Silverlight.  It provides a simplified way to manage your Silverlight projects in Visual Studio, eliminating time often wasted by troubleshooting Silverlight assembly references and project upgrades. If you're new to Silverlight, this productivity tool will make it easier than ever to get started with the RadControls for Silverlight.

Finally, many existing controls in the RadControls for Silverlight are updated for Q3:

  • New grouping and aggregation, multiple YAxis and negative values support in RadCharts
  • RadScheduler now features resource grouping, Timeline View, as well as improved dialogs and built-in categories
  • A new Windows 7 theme is also available for all controls

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Q3 2009:
ORMOpenAccess ORM

Telerik continues to lead the industry as a technology pioneer in Q3 2009. With this release, Telerik becomes the first ORM vendor to provide full support for Microsoft's cloud-based SQL Azure data services. With this new support, you will be able to perform model-first and schema-first mapping to databases hosted in the cloud with the same ease you do to local databases like SQL Server.

To help reduce the OpenAccess ORM learning curve, we launched a new demo site. It provides examples of OpenAccess' features in-action as well as short step-by-step video tutorials showing how to use and integrate the features in your applications. You will also find contextually related resources with each example, making it easy to extend your learning to Telerik's rich online documentation.

Among the other improvements in Q3 2009 for OpenAccess are:

  • New support for the SQL Server CE database
  • Support for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2
  • Extended stored procedure support for Firebird, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Advantage Database Server and SQL Azure
  • Expanded LINQ functionality, including support for inner JOIN operations
  • 50% increased performance for read operations

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Q3 2009: ReportingTelerik Reporting

With Q3 2009 Telerik Reporting introduces the industry's first native Silverlight Report Viewer. Incorporated into the Telerik Reporting tool, the viewer allows users to easily integrate reports in to any Rich Internet Application developed with Silverlight. Reports are rendered in XAML and the viewer also now offers support for report exporting to Microsoft's XPS document format.

Additionally, the Q3 release adds Document Map functionality for all Telerik Reporting report viewers, enabling quick navigation by displaying report data in a tree-like table of contents. Rounding-out the Q3 Reporting release are enhancements like:

  • New Undo and Redo functionality
  • Dockable Group Explorer window showing the hierarchy of the report’s crosstabs and groups
  • Significant improvement to designer memory consumption and rendering

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Q3 2009: aspnet mvcTelerik UI Extensions for ASP.NET MVC Beta

Building on our recent ASP.NET MVC CTP, in Q3 2009 Telerik is releasing the first four Telerik UI Extensions for ASP.NET MVC Beta. Included in this release are: Grid, TabStrip, PanelBar and Menu. All UI Extensions fully embrace the values of the ASP.NET MVC framework - lightweight rendering, clean HTML, clear separation of concerns, easy testability - and at the same time provide the expected productivity of reusable UI components. The Extensions' client-side framework is built on top of the open source and Microsoft-supported jQuery JavaScript library, which is heavily used for advanced animation effects and DOM manipulations. The Q3 release ships with 13 common skins that are crafted to look identical to the skins for the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX.

The Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC are licensed under the widely adopted open source GPLv2. For those that need dedicated support or need to use the Extensions in an environment where open source software is hard to get approved, Telerik also now provides a commercial license. For more details read the licensing FAQ.

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Q3 2009: AjaxRadControls for ASP.NET AJAX

This release brings 3 new controls to the ASP.NET AJAX suite - SiteMap, ListView and Rating as well as numerous enhancements throughout other controls that will surely facilitate your development process.

Over the past several months, the ASP.NET AJAX team has been working hard on important accessibility improvements in RadEditor. As a result Telerik adds innovative new feature and updates to the controls and introduces the first fully accessible web editor on the market.

Another highlight is the addition of an Automatic Upgrade Wizard to the Visual Studio Extensions Package. Upon opening a new or existing Telerik project in Visual Studio the wizard will automatically check for the latest available versions and will prompt an update.

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Q3 2009: WinformsRadControls for WinForms

This release continues to bring enhancements in the Telerik Presentation Framework to achieve major performance gains. We started off by refactoring the RadElement life cycle which brought significant improvements in applications' load and dispose times. To give you better text formatting options, the suite adds improved and faster text rendering and a complete new HTML markup editor. Among the new features for the RadControls for Winforms suite are resource grouping and event drag-and-drop reorganization in RadScheduler, new and enhanced scrolling mechanism for RadGridView, and improved data binding in RadComboBox and RadListBox, which results in faster binding, support for larger data sets, and significant memory footprint improvements.

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Q3 2009: WPFRadControls for WPF

As RadControls for WPF and RadControls for Silverlight share the same API and a common codebase, they also share a lot on the new controls and functionalities introduced in the Q3 release. 7 new controls, faster and more responsive grid and a lot of improvements across other controls are the highlights of the Q3 release for RadControls for WPF.

The grid's performance is significantly improved through a new vertical and horizontal virtualization, which results in improved speed and memory footprint, especially when working with large data sets. TreeView is another control that benefits from UI virtualization, greatly improving performance and making the control now capable of handling millions of records with ease.

The new controls introduced with Q3 are RibbonBar and OutlookBar for building powerful navigation systems; TileView for creating rich visual experience; Buttons, Docking, Menu and ContextMenu.

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Q3 2009:
WebUI Test StudioWebUI Test Studio

This release also pioneers the first codeless Silverlight UI testing automation solution, found in the upgraded WebUI Test Studio. The product's UI object model gives users the ability to build test automation for the entire range of UI elements available in Silverlight. Furthermore, Telerik custom-developed translators for RadControls for Silverlight expose necessary test actions and verifications in WebUI Test Studio, facilitating quick and easy building of tests against Telerik controls. The Studio also features a bunch of other exciting highlights, such as: new easy to use UI to build verifications faster; new coverflow-type storyboard; new redesigned hover over surface, and more. We have also further extended our browser support to include Safari for Windows. With Q3 WebUI Test Studio was released in its Beta version. Official release to be expected early December.

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Release Webinars - See What's New in Q3 Release and Win Prizes

WebinarsRelease Week Webinars

Just like after Q2 Release, the Telerik Evangelists will be holding a special Webinar Week! What's more, every webinar will award 1 or 2 Telerik Premium Collection for .NET licenses to the people that attend the live event.

Webinars will be held every day from Wednesday, November 4 to Tuesday, November 10 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time and all will be recorded for Telerik TV on-demand viewing. Don't forget we switch from Daylight Savings Time on November 4, which means the webinars start at GMT-5.

Topics to be covered:

Nov 5, 2009 - What's new in Q3: RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX and UI Extensions for ASP.NET MVC - 4 homegrown MVC extensions & 3 new AJAX controls.
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Nov 6, 2009 - What's new in Q3: RadControls for Silverlight and WPF - 7 new controls and 5 times better performance for both suites.
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Nov 9, 2009 - What's new in Q3: RadControls for WinForms - major performance optimizations to the Telerik Presentation Framework and the Theming Mechanism.
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Nov 10, 2009 - What's new in Q3: Telerik Reporting - the industry-first native Silverlight viewer & new design time functionality.
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Training Webinars by Falafel Software - OpenAcess ORM, RadScheduler for ASP.NET AJAX, Reporting

WebinarsWebinars by Falafel Software

Our friends from Falafel Software will also host webinars in November which you won't want to miss. These webinars are offered at no cost to you by Telerik.

Topics to be covered:

Nov 12, 2009 - Telerik Reporting: Understanding tabular data presentation items - cross-tabs, tables, and lists
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Nov 24, 2009 - Telerik OpenAccess ORM: Integration in multi-tier applications
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Dec 3, 2009 - RadScheduler for ASP.NET AJAX: How to use the new templates for inline and advanced forms    
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Telerik Around the World

EventsHong Kong International Computer Conference
Hong Kong
November 5th - 6th
Stephen Forte will have a session at the Hong Kong International Computer Conference this November.

Stephen Forte Sessions:
(11.6.2009, 10:00 - 10:30) - Cloud Computing Changes the Game for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Tulsa TechFest 2009
Tulsa, Oklahoma
November 6th
Todd Anglin will be delivering three sessions at the 2009 Tulsa TechFest this Friday, including one session covering the new Telerik UI Extensions for ASP.NET MVC.

Tech-Ed Europe 2009
Berlin, Germany
November 9th - 13th
Telerik will be attending Tech-Ed Europe this November. Stephen Forte will have a few sessions there as well.

Stephen Forte Sessions:
(10.10.2009, 10:45 - 12:00) - Agile Patterns: Agile Estimation
(11.11.2009, 9:00 - 10:15) - The Daily Scrum
(11.11.2009, 10:45 - 12:00) - Agile Tools and Teams

Las Vegas, NV
November 9th - 12th
Telerik will be a Platinum sponsor at DevConnections Fall. Telerik's Chief Evangelist Todd Anglin will be presenting two sessions: Maximizing Ajax Performance and an Introduction to Telerik's Open Source ASP.NET MVC Extensions. If you want to schedule a meeting with Telerik's representatives during the event, please send an email to
Telerik will be attending DevConnections this November. More details are to come as the date approaches.

Microsoft PDC09
Los Angeles, CA
November 17th - 19th
Telerik will be attending the Professional Developers Conference this November. If you would like to attend PDC, we will be offering a 500USD discount on the entrance pass for all Telerik customers. All you need to do is contact the sales team at

SoCal Code Camp
Los Angeles, CA
November 21st - 22nd
Telerik Evangelists Todd Anglin and Gabe Sumner will be headed to the SoCal Code Camp immediately following PDC 2009. Meet them at the Telerik Booth on Saturday and don't miss the two conference sessions being delivered by Todd.



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