Altova MissionKit Version 2010 Now Available with Customers' "Most Wanted" Features (영문)
2009/11/02 (10:48)
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Altova MissionKit 2010 - Over 70 of Customers' "Most Wanted" Features
Including Support for WSDL 2.0, JSON, SysML, XBRL, and Much More.


We are excited to have just released Version 2010 (v2010) of the Altova
MissionKit, our integrated suite of XML, database, and UML tools. Version
2010 is packed with over 70 of the features requested most by you, our
customers, including support for new technologies like WSDL 2.0, JSON, and
SysML, to enhanced functionality for working with XBRL, and much more. For
users working on the newest version of the MicrosoftR WindowsR platform,
v2010 is also compatible with Windows 7.

Several of the new features now available in the Altova MissionKit 2010 are
listed below. To view a complete list of all the new v2010 features with
screenshots visit: To begin
working with the powerful new functionality available in Version 2010,
download the latest version at:

XMLSpy 2010 - Version 2010 delivers most wanted functionality from support
to WSDL 2.0 to a brand new JSON editor and more:
* Support for the WSDL 2.0 (in addition to WSDL 1.1) in the graphical WSDL
* WSDL 1.1 < = > WSDL 2.0 conversion
* XBRL documentation generation, printing of graphical XBRL view
* XBRL Taxonomy Wizard
* Find in XBRL, XBRL sorting
* JSON editing in Text and Grid View
* JSON < = > XML conversion

MapForce 2010 - Several new features have been added to our MapForce data
mapping tool in Version 2010, including:
* Processing data from/into multiple files
* Using input/output file names as parameters
* Support for xsi:type in XML Schema
* EDI file validation in generated code
* Support for additional EDIFACT messages
* Support for WSDL 2.0

StyleVision 2010 - StyleVision packs several exciting new features into
Version 2010, including a new design option and absolute positioning for
true electronic forms design. New features include:
* A new design paradigm option
* Support for absolute positioning in true electronic forms
* Printing design templates
* Creating multiple page layouts within the same document
* Inline (HTML, XSLT, XSL:FO) processing commands
* Extension templates based on any XPath
* Importing external XSLT files
* Column formatting for print output formats
* XHTML output option
* Disable-output-escaping function
* Ability to modify output DPI
* Support for variables in design
* Native code calls (.NET, Java, JavaScript, etc.) in XPath statements
* Support for fixed lines in form design
* Internet Explorer support extended to include IE8

Authentic 2010 - AuthenticR 2010 users will benefit from many of the new
StyleVision features for true electronic forms design described above. Other
new features include:
* Enterprise Edition with advanced features
* Browser plugin for FirefoxR
* Absolute positioning in design layouts
* Native code calls (.NET, Java, JavaScript, etc.) in XPath statements
* Support for fixed lines in form design
* Paste as text option
* Internet Explorer support extended to include IE8

UModel 2010 - Several new productivity-enhancing features have been added in
UModel 2010, including:
* Support for the Systems Modeling Language (SysML)
* Enhanced scripting environment and form editor
* Support for generating multiple sequence diagrams from reverse engineered
* Additional enhancements for diagramming, documentation generation, and
code engineering

DatabaseSpy 2010 - In Version 2010, Altova's unique multi-database, query,
design, and compare tool adds significant new features, including:
* New visual database schema comparison functionality
* Support for converting database structures between different databases
* Support for calculating information for selected results (count, total,
average, sum, etc.)
* Result grid printing

DiffDog 2010 - Functionality has also been extended for comparing and
merging XML and database content in DiffDog 2010, including:
* XML Schema diff feature for comparing and merging database Schemas
* Database schema comparison and merging
* Pretty printing of XML files before comparison

Version 2010 is a free update for Altova customers with an active Support
and Maintenance Package. Visit
to update now.

Or, you may download a 30-day free trial of the Altova MissionKit Version
2010 here:

Version 2010 is available for purchase in the Altova Online Shop: .

Altova recommends the purchase of its Support and Maintenance Package (SMP)
with all software purchases. Learn more at: .

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