Just Released: Free NetFlow Analyzer Tool (영문)
2008/08/14 (14:55)
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New Free Tool: Real-time NetFlow Analyzer

Get more insight into application response time, bandwidth consumption, and network usage with another FREE tool from SolarWinds.
Download Real-time NetFlow Analyzer »

NetFlow traffic analysis is the key to diagnosing and answering "why's the network so slow?" With this new free desktop tool, you'll be able to capture and analyze NetFlow data in real-time to see:

  • what types of traffic are on your network
  • where traffic is coming from
  • which users, devices, and applications are consuming the most bandwidth

Take the guesswork out of diagnosing traffic spikes and troubleshooting bandwidth issues.


Put an end to complaints about your network being slow with Real-time NetFlow Analyzer
Discussing the Power of NetFlow - A Short Video from SolarWinds' Head Geek
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