AnyDVD (HD) Update (영문)
2008/07/21 (13:17)
작성자 : 관리자 조회수 : 2997

we would like to inform you, that a new version of AnyDVD has been released. Here the list of fixes and improvements: 2008 07 16
- New (DVD): Added hooking of the IDvdInfo2::GetDiscID interface for
64-bit applications which use DiscIDs on 64-bit operating systems, e.g.
Windows Vista-64 Media Center, Windows 64-bit Media Player
- Fix: Auto insert notification problem with Daemon Tools under
Windows Vista SP1
- Fix: Uninstall caused other programs using ElbyCDIO (CloneCD, CloneDVD,
Virtual CloneDrive) to stop working under 64-bit operating systems.
- Fix: Some minor problems with UAC under Windows Vista
- Fix (Blu-ray): Fixed bug in region detection, e.g.
"Live Free or Die Hard", US, Region A
- Fix (Blu-ray): Fixed bug in region detection, e.g.
"John Rambo", Germany, Region B
- Fix (Blu-ray & HD DVD): AnyDVD ripper didn't handle zero sized files
correctly, e.g. BD "The Other Boleyn Girl", Region A
- Fix (DVD): AnyDVD ripper did not repair some mastering errors correctly,
e.g., "Rumble in the Bronx", US, Region 1
- Many internal fixes and improvements

The update is free for all registered customers, of course.
Just install the new version on top of your current version, regardless which version you have installed:

Have fun with AnyDVD!

Gordon Reeves
Customer Care Center

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