Codima News July 2008 (영문)
2008/07/14 (16:32)
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VoIP Management Solution with Visio Views

Codima Toolbox now brings VoIP Topology Views directly in Microsoft® Office Visio®.  The VoIP Management solution shows SIP devices and Network Infrastructure devices such as Routers, Switches and Wireless Access Points. This enables visibility into VoIP networks and  has a significant impact on how IT Professionals  can tackle network challenges. The visual overview provides an unparalleled platform for troubleshooting VoIP networks >>> more

Test, Monitor and Troubleshoot Your VoIP Network with One Solution

Codima releases an extended VoIP Management Solutions that combines pre-and post deployment testing, monitoring and troubleshooting into one solution. The new Codima Toolbox VoIP Management solution is an expertise tool that allows an IT Professional to perform both VoIP testing, and monitoring and troubleshooting prior to installing VoIP and during daily operation. Introducing the comprehensive and affordable solution Codima delivers an out-of-the-box solution with a unique set of functions.

>>> more

Discover VLAN’s with Speed and Ease

autoMap™ from Codima provides a unique VLAN topology display.  The discovery process is now enhanced and covers over 4,500 types of devices on any IT network.

autoMap™ - Unrivalled Inventory Tool

A leading global mining company chooses Codima’s IT Asset Solution for network auditing. autoMap™ was unrivalled when the  company explored network management products. autoMap™ Multi  Site Scheduler enabled network discoveries across the company’s  networks on different continents and helped the corporation significantly to achieve network compliance. The accuracy of the Codima Inventory tool raised network security levels and paired with scalability, flexibility, easy installation and configuration were features that ranked highly with the IT department. autoMap™ proved to deliver what no other network inventory tool on the market could.>>> more

Plug n’Play ? enhancing  VoIP Quality

autoVoIP™  from Codima delivers a comprehensive VoIP Management Solution with true real time, which you do not get using  web based products. The dashboard approach and One-Click Management™ makes the product easy to drive and highly useful.


The VoIP monitoring and troubleshooting tool integrates with plenty of add-ons making it a versatile solution enhancing VoIP Quality.

autoVoIP™ can be deployed with;


·       Remote Management ? extends the domain supported by autoVoIP™

·       Frame Flow Analyzer - facility to analyze the frame flow breaking it down by Class, I.E., Media, Signalling And Reporting

·       RTP Analyzer - facility to analyze the RTP payload

·       Call Playback - facility to listen to Calls, I.E., Replay

·       via a Media Player

·       autoVoip™ Report Browser ? web based access to long term trend and error reports

·       SQL Call Logging - facility to store long term call information to  an SQL database

·       autoMap™- network topology drawing tool

·       autoAsset™ - IT asset inventory tool


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