ntroducing Mindjet Connect - Start Collaborating Now (영문)
2008/07/02 (17:07)
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Introducing Mindjet Connect, a tool that takes mind mapping to a whole new level, where all the good stuff multiplies: ideas, knowledge, energy, productivity – you name it.

With Mindjet Connect you can now collaborate over the web in real time to co-create, edit, and share your MindManager maps and other documents from anywhere. 

Mindjet Connect lets you:

  • Streamline work processes and team communications to minimize headaches and time-consuming version-control issues caused by emailing files back and forth.
  • Store all project related documents in secure workspaces with version control and access levels for various team members.
  • Let team member’s access and update the same map and see instantaneous progress, while discussing it all as it’s happening with instant meeting and chat features.

Mindjet Connect also includes access to the Beta version of Mind Manager Web so you can experience the freedom of mapping anywhere with just a browser.

It’s all possible with Mindjet Connect. Available now! 



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