Softdiv Newsletter - Dexster 3.2 Released (영문)
2008/07/01 (09:14)
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Dexster 3.2 Released

A new version of Dexster has been released. Dexster 3.2 can be downloaded from . The latest version of Dexster introduces a number of significant enhancements over the previous version. New in this release are the noise reduction and equalizer feature. This release also incorporates fixes for reported bugs, improved the stability and performance. To learn more about the latest updates, please visit

What's new in version 3.2:

  • New: Noise Reduction feature
  • New: Equalizer feature
  • Fixed: Trim feature
  • Fixed: Overflow error in Viewing Range and Selection Range
  • Fixed: Incorrect FFT block size in FFT Filter
  • Fixed: Incorrect audio length after the mixing
  • Fixed: Duplicate entry for Insert Silence effect. One of the silence effect has been renamed to mute effect
  • Fixed: Inaccurate Playback/Recording volume control values
  • Fixed: Run time error when using manual zooming and selection
  • Improved: New parameters and presets for compressor effect
  • Improved: New amplification control for audio mixing
  • Improved: Design layout
  • Improved: Silence effect now accepting silence duration (seconds) as parameter
  • Updated: Help manual

If your order is still within a year, you may request for free upgrade at

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 USD 35 (save $5) Valid till 10th July 2008

 USD 28 (save $12) Valid till 10th July 2008


New Tutorials:


We've added some new tutorials that may be useful for you:

How to use Trim

How to apply mute effects

How to insert silence effects

How to reduce noise



Dexster 3.2 Screenshots:


new - noise reduction

new - equalizer



Special Dexster Offer for Newsletter Subscribers:


USD 5 discount of the original price is valid until 10th July 2008 . To purchase Dexster with $5 discount, please click here



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