Zend Monthly Newsletter - June 2008
2008/06/26 (13:42)
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NEW! Zend Studio for Eclipse 6.0.1
Maintenance Release

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PHP Security
July 2, 2008 - 9:00am PDT

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Unit Testing with Zend Studio
July 9, 2008 - 9:00am PDT

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Join the world's largest gathering of the PHP community at ZendCon 2008!
September 15-18, 2008 - Santa Clara, CA

The 4th Annual Zend/PHP conference will bring together PHP developers and business managers from around the world for three days of exceptional presentations and networking events.
The theme of this year’s conference is “High Impact PHP” and sessions will explore creating, deploying and managing applications that leverage the speed, scalability and simplicity of PHP.
Topics include:

  • Maximizing scalability & performance of your web applications
  • PHP testing strategies
  • Creating Rich Internet Applications
  • Building secure Web applications
  • Maximizing the business impact of your PHP applications
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Learn how you can get 30x increase in performance with Zend Platform's easy to configure URL caching.

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DevZone Tips & Tricks

Getting Started with OpenID and PHP

Building Websites with Joomla! 1.5

Building Dashboards With PHP and Flex

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Zend Announces new "Enterprise PHP - Management Newsletter"

The first issue of the Zend Enterprise PHP Newsletter, to be released July 3rd, will be dedicated to discussing Web 2.0, what it means for your business and how PHP is enabling the Web 2.0 ecosystem. There is something far greater about Web 2.0 phenomena than everyone is talking about – something for which companies need to rework their infrastructure and for which they need to get the right tools - tools like PHP!

You'll also learn about new market trends, when to invest in PHP, how to maximize the return on that investment, and much more, all illustrated with case-studies of PHP enterprise solutions in use at well-known companies.

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NEW! Zend Studio for Eclipse 6.0.1 Maintenance Update

Zend is pleased to announce the release of version 6.0.1 of Zend Studio for Eclipse. This maintenance release adds new features and fixes bugs reported in V6.0.0. Download this new version or update your current Zend Studio for Eclipse via the Eclipse update mechanism.

Some updates and improvements in version 6.0.1 include:

  • Updated: Zend Framework Support
    • Zend Framework 1.5.2 support - with a new Eclipse perspective to simplify working with Zend Framework projects.
    • Semantic awareness View Helpers - A view phtml file located in a Zend Framework project is now considered as a Zend_View. Zend Studio will provide code assist for all View Helpers that are predefined by Zend Framework to improve development productivity. In addition, a new View Helper wizard was added to ease the creation of additional View Helpers.
    • Zend Framework Layout support - The default Zend Framework project structure contains support for layouts.
  • New: GUI translations for German, French and Italian - Download new language packs »
  • Improved: Code formatter - The Code Formatter profile can configure the formatting preferences for control statements such as if, else, etc.
  • Improved: Debugger performance and configuration - This release has significant debugger improvements due to a change in the debugger protocol between the IDE and the Server. New capabilities were added to test server connectivity and ensure the server side debugger version and configuration are set up correctly.
    Download the update to the server side debugger support »
  • Improved: Code Folding - This version fixes several issues that caused the editor to flicker when doing operations such as delete, undo and other large operations.
  • Improved: Stability and bug fixes - fixed memory leaks that caused Zend Studio to crash or hang, as well as fixes for several additional issues.
  • New: PHP extensions added on Windows - Various PHP extensions (such as php_mysql, php_mysqli and others) were added to the bundled PHP binary that is used on Windows for locally debugging PHP scripts.
Download Zend Studio for Eclipse V6.0.1 »
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Are you ready to move your PHP 4 Applications to PHP 5?

Sign up for Zend’s newest online course Migrating your Web Applications from PHP v4 to PHP v5 scheduled for July 22 and 24 from 8:00-9:30am PT (-7 GMT). This 3 hour course (two 1.5 hour sessions) is designed to guide you through the basics of planning and executing a smooth transition from PHP 4 to PHP 5. By the end of the course, you will have learned the fundamental differences between PHP 4 and PHP 5 in detail, strategies and best practices for transition and an in-depth view into migration tools to help you along the way.
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Other start dates for PHP on-line courses:

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Expand your PHP expertise and look cool doing it! Purchase any of Zend's Online Training Courses, ranging from beginner to advanced, and get the "PHP is the new Black" T-shirt and Baseball cap for free.

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