AnyDVD HD supports "proactive renewal" (영문)
2008/04/11 (15:08)
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For Immediate Release

Antigua, West Indies - April, 10th 2008

AnyDVD HD updated to support "proactive renewal" April 2008

The Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator, LLC ("AACS
LA") has again started one of its "proactive renewals". Thus leaving
many owners of new high-definition media (Blu-Ray, HD-DVD) in the dark if
they cannot update their software or hardware players. This new version
of the protection system will be available on new discs released in late
April, like both Region B BD titles "Alien vs. Predator 2: Requiem" and
"Alvin and the Chipmunks".

In response to that decision SlySoft once again updated its system to
support those new discs and many that are about to be released in the
next few months. All licensed customers of the product "AnyDVD HD" can
update to the new version free of charge.

Fernando Cabezas, team member of the SlySoft disc compatibility task
force said: "This again is a great feature for our customers. Only a few
days before the official release of new titles we already can say, you
can continue to watch your favorite movies on your favorite equipment.
Not only the equipment the industry forces you to use."

Regarding to the drop of HD-DVD support of Cyberlink's new software
release PowerDVD 8 he continued: "It's a shame that only a few weeks
after the drop of the HD-DVD format some major software players drop the
playback of all purchased media too. This new method of forcing
customers to buy their already owned media again is a taste of what DRM
is able to.


Changelog AnyDVD (HD) 2008 04 10

- New (Blu-ray): Added support for AACS MKBv7!
(used on new titles to be released end of April)
- New (Blu-ray): Complete region lock removal from Blu-ray disc,
including discs which contain signed Java code!
- New (Blu-ray): Added dialog to ask for disc region on insertion.
- New (Blu-ray): Automatic option remembers previous region settings
per disc
- New (DVD): Support for protection on "Reservation Road", US
- New (DVD): Many improvements to AI scanner and AnyDVD ripper
- Fix (Blu-ray): BD+ removal did not work with some discs.
- Fix (DVD): Problems with some discs
- Some minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languages


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About SlySoft, Inc.:
SlySoft was founded in 2002 by Giancarlo Bettini and is based in the
beautiful Caribbean island Antigua. Our mission at SlySoft Inc. is to
produce a line of high quality, user-friendly software tools and
drivers for multimedia applications and hardware. We strive to ensure
our products are state-of-the art, updating our product line to
support the newest innovations in the multimedia industry, as well as
those in the computer industry.
Tom Xiang
SlySoft, Inc.
P.O. Box W874
St. John's
Antigua and Barbuda (West Indies)
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