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2008/04/11 (15:01)
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A warm hello to all of our loyal customers. We have exciting things going on here at FarPoint that we are anxious to tell you about. The beta releases of Spread for ASP.NET and the all-new Spread for SharePoint are right around the corner.

Recently released are Spread for Windows Forms version 4 and Spread for BizTalk version 2.0. Also, for those of you COM developers, we have heard your voices and read your emails and forums posts; you will be happy to know that a Spread 8 is indeed on the way. Contact us at FPSales@FarPointSpread.com if you are interested in more information about any of these products.

Derek Levandowski
Editor, FarPoint Newsletter

Coming Soon: FarPoint Spread for ASP.NET version 4.0!
If you would like to be part of the Beta, let us know.

Spread for ASP.NET

4.0 Features

  • Excel XLS 97-2007 import and export
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 XML (Office Open XML) support
  • Print to PDF
  • Sleek new predefined skins and custom skins
  • Multi-column listbox cell type
  • Editing templates
  • Support for AJAX Extenders
  • Title/Subtitles for a sheet
  • Drag/Move multiple columns
  • New Designer and Wizards
  • drag-and-drop integration with Visual Studio
  • Display a single record on multiple rows
  • Preview Row and row templates
  • Add client side event handler through property window
  • Display totals, data aggregation in the row/column footers
  • and much more...

Vote Now!

vote now

asp.netPRO Reader Choice Awards – voting ends soon!

Each year, asp.netPRO recognizes outstanding products and vendors in the ASP.NET add-on market.  Please take a moment to select FarPoint Spread for Web Forms and your other favorite ASP.NET tools. 

This is your chance to voice your opinions regarding the tools and products you use in your everyday development  efforts and let readers know how great FarPoint Spread is.

 Vote now! Voting ends April 10, 2008.

The results of this survey will be published on aspnetPRO.com and in the June 2008 issue of asp.netPRO.

FarPoint Spread for BizTalk Server®
Version 2.0 Released

FarPoint Spread for BizTalk Server 2006 provides a complete solution to integrating Microsoft Excel data seamlessly into your BizTalk applications.

How does it work?

FarPoint Spread for BizTalk Server 2006 version 2.0 includes a pipeline disassembler that parses incoming Excel data into XML, and a pipeline assembler that converts XML data into documents of either Excel (XLS, Excel 2007 XML), or PDF formats.

FarPoint Spread for BizTalk includes the Visual Studio-integrated Spreadsheet Schema Wizard that enables the developer to codelessly create custom schemas that define the structure of the XML data parsed from incoming Excel streams through the disasembler. This same Wizard is also used to define the schema that represents incoming XML data streams that are assembled into Excel or PDF documents through the assembler.

FarPoint offers online demos and customized presentations via Web using Live Meeting.

FarPoint offers their customers and potential customers the opportunity to meet with them from the comfort of their own desk or conference room with these Web-based sessions made possible with Microsoft Live Meeting. Continuing to lead the industry in technical product support, FarPoint makes it easy to see the product in action with customer specific data or at least with industry specific examples.

Using Live Meeting, FarPoint provides the following benefits to viewers:
o Real-time support or answers to questions
o Web and phone, available world-wide
o Direct access to FarPoint solution expertise

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Meeting FarPoint

DevCon 08

DevCon 2008


Stop by our booth (#300) at DevConnections in Orlando, Florida to meet and greet us, and participate in some of our fun show activites that we have planned. Win $500 dollars!

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Live Chat Now Online

For those customers (and potential customers) who want answers immediately, now you can reach us online from our main web page where you can start a chat session with a sales person who can answer your questions. We had enough success offering this for technical support that we thought we would offer it to everyone. If you have a question, just start an online chat session with us.

You can reach us for tech support questions on the live technical support chat sessions every Tuesday from 10:00 am to 11:00 am and Thursday from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm ET. Drop by and chat with us.

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Are you using the latest version? If not, log into the support site at www.clubFarPoint.com to download the latest maintenance release. If you haven't logged in before, click on the 'Not a Member Yet?' link when online to join. It's free!

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