[GrapeCity] Ultimate 2015 v3 출시 안내 메일(영문)
2015/11/26 (15:48)
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Enhance your desktop, mobile, and web apps with ComponentOne Studio 2015 v3.  
Ultimate 2015 v3 Released

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The 2015 v3 release of Ultimate brings a host of updates including FlexReport, an all-new WinForms reporting control, UWP Edition (beta), FinancialChart for MVC, Wijmo FlexSheet, Web API Edition, and native mobile chart and grid enhancements in Xuni!
What's New in
ComponentOne Studio 2015 v3
FlexReport   UWP Edition
FlexReport for WinForms
UWP Edition (Beta)
A Fast, Flexible Reporting Tool for
Modern Business
  A Universal Platform Across
Tablet, Phone, and Desktop
Windows Forms Enhancements   FlexPivot
FinancialChart for MVC
FlexPivot for WinForms (Beta)
Comprehensive Financial Visualization   Pivot With Power
What's New in Wijmo 2015 v3
Wijmo FlexSheet   Microsoft Edge Support
NEW CONTROL: Wijmo FlexSheet   Document APIs
All the Top Spreadsheet Features
You Need
  Updated Support to Import and
Export Documents
What's New in Xuni 2015 v3
CollectionView   FlexChart
CollectionView Enhancements   FlexChart Enhancements
Incremental, on-demand loading
in iOS and Android
  New line markers and
customized axis labels
FlexGrid Enhancements
Star sizing, column and row freezing, and touch column resizing

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                                    componentone.com/ultimate                   componentone.com/whatshappening
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