Introducing Xamarin 4 (영문)
2015/11/23 (10:06)
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Everything you need to build, test, and monitor mobile apps at scale through Xamarin Platform, Xamarin Test Cloud, and Xamarin Insights.
We are very excited to announce Xamarin 4, your complete solution for every stage of the mobile lifecycle. With major enhancements and new features for Xamarin Platform, Test Cloud, and Insights, Xamarin 4 has everything you need to deliver great mobile apps.
Xamarin Platform:
Better, faster, and more productive
Our newest release of Xamarin Platform comes with significant improvements that make it the most productive tool ever for creating native mobile apps.
Xamarin.Forms 2.0 is faster, takes advantage of the latest in iOS 9 and Android M, and supports new gestures like “pull-to-refresh.” We now also support multiple concurrent Visual Studio instances, which is especially important if you have multiple iOS projects open at the same time. You can now develop, build, deploy and debug iOS apps entirely from within Visual Studio and communication with the Mac build host is now handled via a secure SSH connection. Learn more »
Mobile testing made easy
We built Xamarin Test Cloud to allow you to test your app throughout development, on more than 2,000 real iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices in the cloud.
Test Recorder captures app interactions and automatically creates test scripts that can be immediately run in Test Cloud or imported into mobile test projects in Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio. Xamarin.UITest 1.0, a C# test automation framework, now supports advanced testing scenarios and is free for everyone to use. We've also introduced new Xamarin Test Cloud pricing options starting from $99 per month (billed annually). Learn more »
Introducing Xamarin Insights
Xamarin Insights is already a world-class service: during our extensive preview period, hundreds of our customers used it to monitor their apps across 8.5 million devices, spanning 12 million end users and 570 million app events.
We're proud to announce that starting today, Xamarin Insights is generally available with free crash reporting for all Xamarin Platform customers. Xamarin Insights helps you understand how users use your app by tracking features they use most and their preferred devices, collecting performance and device diagnostic data, and sharing step-by-step event data in real-time to understand user actions leading up to a crash. Learn more »
Learn more
Nat Friedman, CEO of Xamarin, will provide an overview of all of Xamarin 4's new features in a live webinar this Friday, November 20th. All registrants will receive a copy of the recording, so please feel free to register even if you can't attend.
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Xamarin 4 provides tools and services to empower teams across every phase of the mobile lifecycle so you can innovate faster and continuously as you build, test, and monitor. We can't wait to show you what you can accomplish with Xamarin.
Xamarin, Inc.
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