New Able2Extract PRO 9.0 – PDF Power and Precision (영문)
2014/12/19 (10:12)
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New Able2Extract Professional 9
More Accurate, More Powerful, More PDF Features is excited to release Able2Extract Professional 9. After two years of intensive in-house development, version 9 represents a major PDF performance upgrade. The new version offers many great new features, most notably new page-level PDF editing and creation features and a more powerful PDF conversion engine.

As a licensed user, you can take advantage of these new features today by upgrading at over a 60% discount of the cost of a full license.

Upgrade Now to Able2Extract Professional 9

Six of the great new features in Able2Extract Professional 9:

  • New, Integrated PDF Creation
  • Ability to Secure PDF documents
  • New page-level PDF Editing Features
  • Greater conversion accuracy to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Enhancements to the Custom PDF to Excel Conversion engine
  • Improved OCR recognition capabilities

The new version is cross platform and is fully compatible with all versions of Windows, MacOS, and Microsoft Office.

Upgrading to the new version is simple for licensed users that are using a prior version of Able2Extract Professional.

To do so, simply click on the following link to go directly to the upgrade page:

The Team

P.S. If you currently have a licensed copy of Able2Extract, you can upgrade to Able2Extract 9 here:

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