ComponentOne Tech Connection: December 2014 (영문)
2014/12/05 (15:59)
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ComponentOne TechConnection
What's Inside
*  Studio Enterprise 2014 v3 Released!
Words from the CTO
*  A Year in Review
*  ActiveReports 9 Released
*  Spread Studio 8 Released
*  Wijmo 5 Released
What's New
*  Have you Heard About Xuni?
*  Video: Getting Started with OLAP Cubes in WPF
*  Video: Maps for ASP.NET Wijmo
Press Center
*  Xamarin Blog
*  App Developer Magazine
*  LightSwitch Help Website
*  SD Times
Survey Center
*  Have you developed with the Xamarin.Forms API?
Studio Enterprise
New Studio Enterprise 2014 v3
Studio Enterprise 2014 v3 Released!
The 2014 v3 release optimizes performance, enhances data analysis, and delivers cutting-edge web technology. Featuring new Maps and TreeMap Web Forms controls, Universal App Support in WinRT XAML, SSRS Report Support in WinForms, a new AngularJS template for MVC, new OLAP for WPF with Cube Support, and more! Learn more.
Words from the CTOWords from the CTO
A Year in Review
Bernardo Castilho, Chief Technology Officer
Bernardo Castilho 

Unless they are in retail, most companies find the fall and early winter months to be slow. This slower time of year is usually a welcome break that allows you to catch up on projects that have been looming over you and it is when you start mapping out holiday plans in your head.

Well, this season, I along with my colleagues did not experience this lull. In the last two months we've released four new products: Wijmo 5, ActiveReports 9, Spread Studio 8 and Studio Enterprise 2014 v3. While that is an accomplishment in itself, the work is not done as we begin the beta release of our Xamarin offering, Xuni.

In addition to Xuni, we have other enhancements and products planned for 2015 that we are excited about. Stay tuned to find out more — in the first quarter of 2015, I plan to share with you our road map and offer more insight into what we have planned for 2015. It will be another fantastic year for us, and I hope for you as well. With that thought in mind, I would like to extend my best wishes to you all during the upcoming holiday season and through the new year.

ActiveReports 9 Released
The new ActiveReports 9 release adds enhancements to help you design modern looking and full-featured reports in less time.
ActiveReports 9 Released 

Get the data you need codelessly with the Visual Query Designer, group controls with Layers, drag-and-drop a Table of Contents, and modernize reports with rounded corners. We've also enhanced design-time performance and Excel export. Learn more about ActiveReports 9.

Spread Studio 8 Released
Add the power of a spreadsheet to any .NET application. The all new Spread Studio 8 focuses on improving performance and enhancing user experience.

New features include a modern Excel 2013-like skin, a powerful new table feature and MultiRow enhancements in WinForms, updated browser and touch support in ASP.NET, and print support in WPF, Silverlight, and WinRT. Learn More.

 Spread Studio 8 Released
Wijmo 5 Released
Welcome to Wijmo 5 our brand new generation of JavaScript controls!
Wijmo 5 Released 

With the launch of Wijmo 5 we've introduced a new HTML5/JavaScript product that takes full advantage of all the latest and greatest web technologies without making compromises to support legacy browsers. Learn more.

What's NewWhat's New
Have You Heard About Xuni?
Xuni is our latest collection of native, cross-platform mobile controls.
Sign up for the Xuni beta 

With Xuni and Xamarin.Forms combined you can develop once in C# and produce enterprise-level apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Sign up for the Beta today!

Video: Getting Started with OLAP Cubes in WPF

In this video Product Manager Greg Lutz details how to work with OLAP cubes with OLAP for WPF, new in the 2014 v3 release. Watch the video now or learn more about OLAP for WPF.

 Working with OLAP Cubes Video
Video: Maps for ASP.NET Wijmo
Maps for ASP.NET Wijmo Video 

In this video, we will introduce you to ComponentOne Maps for ASP.NET Wijmo. Watch the video to learn about our new Maps control and how to data bind and customize the control by setting a few basic properties.

Press CenterPress Center

Check out the latest buzz about ComponentOne.

*Xamarin Blog - Enterprise Component Vendors Join Xamarin.Forms Ecosystem
*App Developer Magazine - GrapeCity Updated Wijmo 5 Expands Line of HTML5 and JavaScript Products
*CSDN - Wijmo 5 CTO: From Web to Mobile, my 25-year Programming Career (Interview)
*LightSwitch Help Website - Using AngularJS Wijmo Grid With LightSwitch OData
*SD Times - ComponentOne Studio Enterprise release delivers controls for flexible and modern .NET development
*SD Times - ComponentOne Spread Studio 8 offers an extensible spreadsheet component for All .NET platforms
Survey CenterSurvey Center

Have you developed with the Xamarin.Forms API?

*Yes, currently.
*In the past, but not now.
*No, but I plan to in the future.
*No, and no plans to.
*What's Xamarin?

Sign up for the Xuni beta (due next month) to learn more about our soon-to-be-released controls for the Xamarin.Forms platform.

We appreciate your feedback -- in fact, we'd love to hear more from you! Check out our feedback portal where you can create feature requests and vote on what you'd like to see in our upcoming releases. We value your input, so each and every idea or comment entered will be considered by our development team. So go ahead, tell us what you think.


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